Hermes New Bond Street

  1. I spent part of my day at Hermes. I had originally gone to return my two twillies that I had gotten at the airport. (I know I know, I'm a very indecisive person!!) I love them and buy them on impulse, then when I get home and realize I won't use them, I feel super guilty. BUT! I found out that I could only exchange them, so I spent a long time asking the SA's opinion on this twilly and that and what colors would go with what wardrobe. I apologized to her a lot in the end for taking up so much of her time..haha.

    But I got two different twillies...more summery! And easier to match with everything, plus twilly rings, and now I'm in love all over again! :love: I'm going to be wearing my twillies everywhere!!

    To get on with the story, while I was bothering my SA, these other two SAs were fighting...quite obviously. My SA tried to shush them up, but they just kept on going at it. Then the lady apologized to me and made some remark about how some people just couldn't control their anger blah blah. Then another lady was exchanging (I think) a pair of shoes and the SA that was helping her said they would have to either order them or that she couldn't exchange them (I wasn't there for the whole convo). The shoes were definitely worn though because the sole was dirty. Anyway, for some reason or another, she got mad, told him that this was bad customer service, wrapped up her shoes, and said she would inform the manager about this! My SA smiled at me and told me that the SA serving her was actually the manager! HAHA! He apologized and walked her to the door.

    Then when my SA was helping me, this Asian man walked over and just watch us while she was trying on different twilly styles on me. Kind of weird, but I thought it was cute.

    She also showed me the leather book. I didn't see the chamonix leathers though, they didn't have it :huh: and when I asked them, I had forgotten what it was called, and the SA mentioned another leather name that I had never heard of before! Anyway, I did find that there is indeed a color called chocolate! I really don't know the difference between that color and marron fonce because I compared them side by side and they looked pretty similar to me!

    Overall a good experience...I loved the drama going on! It made them seem like real people instead of just polite robots. And now I'm in love with the wide H enamel bangle in cream! NO MORE MONEY!!! NO NO!! Orr...I COULD get it for my mom as a mother's day gift...if she decides to let me borrow it...that's her decision right..? :lol:

    Sorry for the long post guys. I tend to babble on and on and on...
  2. Sounds like you had an entertaining day.
  3. This was too funny...I have to reread it again and take it all in...I loved it!
  4. Wow - that was SOME show! That store will always hold a special place in my heart because my first H bag came from there!
  5. There is this SA called Celine there who is supposed to be very nice, she dealt with my vintage Pullman bag (the previous owner didn't know anything about this bag) and she was very helpful..:flowers: .
  6. Celine, there's also a craftswomen by that name.
  7. I had a great time at Hermes New Bond St. I bought my fuchsia kelly there and I had a great service. Didnt know the name of the SA helping me though, all I know that it was a female, blonde, around 30s.
  8. Thanks for sharing your story shu! It's always interesting to see what goes on in the shops!