Hermes new bag "dilemma"

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  1. Hi ladies, I am holding to seek out some opinions and advice for my next Hermes purchase haha. I am actually currently thinking about selling my white Kelly 28 and save up for an Birkin 25 or 30 in a shade of either blue electric w/Togo&palladium or turquoise blue w/Togo&palladium.

    I love my Kelly 28 but since I do have a white Birkin 30, seems like the Birkin may seem to fit my need a bit more. Anyone willing to offer some advice? Many thanks in advance!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457272450.807797.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457272464.878717.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457272473.166170.jpg
  2. hi there, if it were me i would sell the white birkin. your kelly 28 is a convenient size for white and its is beautifully elegant.
  3. Hi! I happen to love a white birkin, so I would probably do the same as you and sell the white kelly in favor of a blue b or k. Good luck deciding!
  4. I also think the white Kelly is darling and is a keeper. I'd sell the Birkin to fund another. Good luck.
  5. I agree, but only if you like the Kelly and in a 28:P
  6. The white kelly in the 28 is very chic & wearable for day into evening
    offering some versatility

    I'd consider selling the birkin in favor of the color of your choice
  7. I agree with selling the white Birkin for a BE or turquoise colored B. The white kelly is just so chic. But, if you must keep the white Birkin, I'd go with another Birkin in Bleu electrique since it's a darker color and you already have white (a lighter shade). 🏻
  8. I would keep the white Kelly and go for a colorful birkin ;)

  9. I actually am thinking of the same thing. Although the my little white Kelly, I simply am considering to let it go because it's just not as convenient for me as the Birkin.

    Not sure if other people has the 28 Kelly but sometimes I feel like it's a bit too small and since its white, I am also extra careful with it haha.

    Thank u all lovely girls for the kind input :smile:

  10. Thank u so much Hun! I agree with letting go the Kelly and and getting a darker shade of blue for the Birkin :smile:
  11. Just to add to your blue dilemma, Turquoise is absolutely stunning. I am biased though as I do love all things turquoise, Tiffany blue shades, etc. lol!