Hermes Neutrals

  1. I am thinking about neutral colours (apart from my beloved black) as the sun shines so brightly outside my study window this morning and wanted opinions on which neutrals people feel work well and why.

    I have been variously attracted to gris tourelle, etoupe, beige rose, naturelle and parchment, but I suspect Gold is probably the most versatile neutral.

    Then again, a BJ is seriously tempting, but does it work well as a 'neutral' for those of you who have it?

    All thoughts, comment, help and general wisdom very welcome!
  2. I suggest taking your hair color and complexion into account in determining a neutral color for yourself. I'm a fair skinned blond and Hermes Gold in Togo is the best neutral for me.
  3. Gold (or noisette) or etoupe depending on your coloring/wardrobe...
  4. Tough one...I just go for the neutral color that really speaks to me...any of them really strike you as perfect? Any make your heart skip a beat? I would say that is the one!
  5. Count me among the gold fans!
  6. Me, too, Ninja Sue.....along with Cognac....and Potiron!
  7. Gold, cognac and potiron - three of my favorite colors! All totally yummy! :heart:
  8. cognac!
  9. funny. i don't feel that gold would be a neutral in my wardrobe.
    a neutral color, to me, is one that always works. for me that would be raisin.
  10. Potiron works as a surprising neutral!
  11. for me - it's gold, etoupe, chocolate. they work well with my wardrobe plus those are some colors i have in bags currently.
  12. I vote etoupe!

    Even the lovely golds and browns often can not be the right tone to go with shoes, etc. Etoupe can stand alone. :yes:
  13. Dear Millstream...I'm with you. gold w/gold hardware. However, that being said...I'm also a pale blond w/ pale skin and blue eyes. I think you are spot have to take into account what color suits your complextion. My gold bag is always my go to bag. My rouge hardly sees the light of day.
  14. Brunette here with brown eyes and Gold w/Gold works well for me too! Although I must say my Rouge H is an incredible neutral as well!!!! Honestly, if I didn't have any other bags, that one would do just fine!!!!
  15. I think in addition to skin tone it also depends where you live. In the south here, my natural/gold bags are more apt to see the light of day than my black for instance.