Hermes necklace

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  1. It seems I've seen a pic of a medallion style necklace that Hermes makes - does anyone know anything about this? Anyone have one? Also the charms or pendants - don't you have one LaVan?? Thanks if anyone knows anything....:yes:
  2. Shoes....I've seen those medallion necklaces at the store in SF. They look like coins in a bezel setting, right? They're really nice but I don't know the price off hand. I believe they hang on a leather or silk cord....very, very pretty!
  3. Oh yes! That's what I was thinking - I wonder what they are called? I could try to check w/Boston store - or maybe wait and see if I actually get to GO in person next month!!
  4. SHoes...I bought an antique Roman coin the last time I was in Italy and I'm having it set in a bezel so I can hang it on a cord too. I LOVE that chic but with an edge.
  5. Oooh you'll have to send a pic when you get it! Sounds great - I'm glad to know these are still available at least - and maybe not a struggle to get like some other things!!
  6. love that LaVan! thanks for the link!
  7. That's beautiful!
  8. You know we all love that necklace is adorable!
  9. Thanks guys!