Hermes Naples // tip on prices here and abroad

  1. I made a quick trip into Naples after dropping a friend off in Miami, and chatted with the manager of the store there...Carol...she said that anything in Paris/France in general is going to be (given current exchange rates) almost a third MORE than they would cost here. I specifically was looking at the ~$1800 cape cod...she said to buy it in the I am going to Bordeaux, France next semester on exchange, and was hoping to get something awesome...

    anyway...anyone experience this? Is it true? I mean, I know the dollar is terrible...but somehow I figured the prices in France were better anyway...just because Hermes is a french company.

    The store is lovely, by the way...very nice. :tup::tup:
  2. Hello SRQ2009:
    Read your post and just wondered where you are re Sarasota. I am in the DC area now, but my permanent residence is on Longboat Key and go to Naples a lot.
    Maybe we can get some of us Hermes lovers on the Southwest coast of Florida to all meet at the new Naples store.
    Best to you.
  3. *sigh* I used to live right near Naples. Man, do I miss it!
  4. I met the "owner" of the Naples store; she was so sweet. She had an ancient kelly with the broken tirette tied to bag - so easygoing.
  5. Srq, I do know that H is imposing a price increase in the US as of January /08 for scarves and I'm sure bags won't be far behind; now is probably, yes, the time to buy in the US, but I don't think there's that much of a variation in the prices. I could be wrong, though, I'm no expert on transatlantic H pricing :girlsigh:
  6. Susan! So nice to "meet" another local person (sorta ;)) - I am at school at New College in Sarasota...I live right off of bayshore road near University Pkwy.

    I actually don't yet own anything Hermes, but my most recent affair with Louis Vuitton is fading away quickly...overexposure, bad quality I am looking to purchase my next something from Hermes.

    I really love South Florida, both Naples and Miami...its so tropical and beautiful...I absolutely love the sunsets and the tropical vegetation...LOVE the everglades...:p

    Yeah I think I talked to her too...Carol, i think...she was very sweet to me...

    I dunno much either, I just heard the bit about prices being different here/abroad from the owner...but maybe she just wanted to make a quick sale? lol...I guess I will find out...I'm going to France for 6 months in January for a program at Bordeaux Business School...:yahoo:
  7. Not true, price are almost same, as US stores buy in US dollars, so any fluctuations between US dollar and Euro will be built into price. Prices in Europe are still cheaper, small but cheaper, because if you are a non-EU resident, you get the VAT back about 13%, then you also don't have to pay any US sales tax. I just returned from Italy this weekend, still cheaper than US.
  8. Hmm...well that's cool! Maybe I'll get lucky and find something awesome over there...:p

    Thanks for the tip ;)
  9. ^
    I don't think you'll get the tax off if you're there to study for such an amount of time though (months)
  10. I just wanted to comment on Hermes Naples giving the best customer service i have experienced so far in an Hermes boutique. No query was too much trouble and they had some lovely pieces in despite me only purchasing a belt during my visit. Top marks to the manager of the store!!