Hermes mystery. What bag is this?

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  1. Hello ladies. I have had an H bag in my possession for years now - bought from a former regular of tpf and an avid H collector. I have looked high and low on all vintage bag threads and old copies of Hermes Perfect catalogs but have NEVER seen this particular style anywhere. The seller thought it was barenia (possibly because of the indented heat stamp and color) but I would bet my firstborn that it is chevre both inside and out, as it is identical to my chevre Kelly minus a spine. Chevre mysore perhaps? There is also a craftsmans stamp inside and an E in a square signifying 2001.

    I am almost certain it is authentic. The zipper is also marked Hermes and the construction/stitching seem right. Besides, who on earth would copy such an obscure style? I almost think it was part of a promotion or constructed to hold something it was sold with - like Hermes garden tools for example. Yet it seems like a handbag..

    She is shown next to my chevre Kelly 32 for size reference. Anyone have a clue? TIA! :smile:

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  2. Oh my...please forgive the enormous photos. I don't post photos often. :smile:
  3. What a beauty! I could be wrong, but to my eyes the shot of the bottom of the bag especially, looks just like peau porc.
    PS> Your Frenchie is adorable!
  4. Peau porc? You think so?! How cool would that be! I have never seen that leather. Come to think of it..... does PP stain easily? I vaguely seem to remember it does from Doc's thread but I could be wrong. This bag does have areas that darkened a bit - which doesn't sound like chevre when I think about it. The mystery deepens.

    Thank you regarding Gremm! She's delicious. :smile:
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    Definitely peau porc. It reminds me of the Sorbonne bag, but the handles on that attach slightly differently.
  6. Gremm!? I die, cute name!
    Peau porc is one of my favorite leathers... also, the handles on your bag are standing to attention proudly, like peau porc does due to its rigidity. I recall that it's not supposed to like the rain much...

    Indeed a mystery that I'm sure someone more versed than I could answer with more certainty!
  7. You're definitely more versed than myself!
  8. Thank you! I just looked at the Sorbonne in an old Perfect book. I recall seeing it when I was trying to figure out this bag years ago. The body is very close, agree, but those handles are unlike anything else.
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    She had another name originally but she was so naughty as a puppy (and with those ears) that we called her The Gremlin. The name stuck. :smile:

    Yes - this bag is solid. Peau porc it is!
  10. You're so lucky to have scored something in Peau Pork, hopefully somebody recognizes the bag and can name it for you, or maybe you could ask H directly?

    It suits her, she's adorable (never knew a Frenchie that wasn't a rascal!)
  11. Splendid Peau de Porc, indeed! Maybe this one could be Dauphine?
  12. Its a great bag no matter what the color turns out to be.. enjoy

  13. I considered that but my local H is mostly new-to-Hermes staff. I doubt anyone would know. Maybe, if I'm ever in NYC, Madison might be a good resource.

  14. Thank you!