Hermes "Must Haves..."

  1. Here's something fun for those who plan to collect more than one bag or Hermes item in their lifetime. (yes, guilty as charged...)

    What are your Hermes must-haves or requirements? Most of us are not VIPs and are unable to tailor make or order every bag or item we buy. Often, Hermes collecting requires some comproming on HW or leather or other things. Perhaps, the purchase of one bag will cover more than one requirement. (Does that make sense?):shame:

    For example, here's mine.

    I would love to have:

    - Something in Blue Jean.
    - A Bolide
    - Something in Potiron
    - One formal black Kelly 25 or 28
    - At least One more casual Souple Kelly 32 in a textured leather
    - A Birkin
    - Something, (even an accessory, in fuchsia ostrich)
    - A bag in Chevre
    - Something in Chocolate brown
    - A Chevre mysore Bearn wallet
    -Something in box leather
  2. Oh no, this is dangerous! Do not even get me started! AHH! I am too all over the place to even make a list:lol:
  3. Gosh - a dangerous thread for me:nuts: !

    • Chevre Birkin and Kelly
    • Black/Brown Birkin and Kelly
    • Bearn Wallet
    • Several Scarves
    • Watch
    • Plume
    • Bolide
    • Garden Party (Black or Brown)
    Oh I wish...:love:
  4. Kelly
    Paris Bombay
    Bearn Wallet

    (Oh dear.... I am going to go broke)
  5. potiron chevre 32cm Kelly
  6. Kelly: Really in any color or leather. I'm not picky, I love 'em all. ;)
    Many, many scarves/pocket square scarves
    Jige: again any color
    Tea set/dishes
    bracelets: especially one of the horse designs
    Garden Party Twilly: brown

    I wish!!!!!!! :lol:
  7. plume black in box (may happen)
    birkin - ostrich or chevre - red/pink/purple color? I'm open!
    bearn wallet
    bracelet - leather
    Garden party tote
    mini herbag?
  8. Oh dear, I didn't even include scarves, china, charms and list would've been really insane. (Hiding):shame: :shame:
  9. Of course - I will keep adding as I see people's lists (with things I've forgotten):

    Something with box leather (preferably my black/brown kelly)
    Plume in orange (this is pending - whoo hoo)
    Something with ostrich leather
    Something bi-color
  10. a 32cm kelly
    a plume
    another 30cm birkin
    something in fuschia and potiron
    something in chevre
    something in bicolor (preferably chocolate/cyclamen)
    chevre mysore bearn wallet

  11. Braise 30cm Croc. Birkin
    Black 35cm Croc. Birkin
    30cm Vert Anis Birkin
    Somthing in Blue Jean
  12. I guess I am in the minority must have right now would be one birkin 35, in the combination that I choose, without having to wait for it. I would be happy for quite a while! I am almost to the point that I am not too picky.
  13.'re too cute jag!

    hmm...I'm gonna think about my "must-haves". Let me think...:love:
  14. I think you've opened Pandora's box!!! AHH!

    all with Palladium hardware
    Fuschia Ostrich Kelly 32cm
    Blue Jean Togo Birkin 30cm
    Potiron Chevre Birkin 30cm
    Vert Anis Chevre Birkin 30cm
    Rouge VIF Togo Birkin 35cm
    Chocolate/Fuschia Bicolor box Birkin 35cm
    Gold Chevre Birkin 35cm

    Agenda in shiny croc

    Scarves, scarves, scarves! Enamel bracelets, too.
  15. All Of The Above!:lol::lol::lol: