Hermes museum by special invitation?


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May 31, 2006
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There is a museum. It is not open to the public in general, you either have to be invited, or write a very polite letter to the manager and request vist .


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Feb 12, 2006
Le Monde Hermes
^^^Last I heard, it's closed for remodeling and may reopen in 2008. They used to let people go in regularly, but stopped because items were deteriorating.


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Aug 18, 2009
RE: Hermes Museum. I was in the Museum May 26, 2009 at invitation of Mme. Menehoud deBazelaire, HERMES Director of Family Culture. It is still under repair and consists of a large room on the corner, 2nd floor of 24 Rue Fabourge. It is officially closed. The artifacts are the family history of items developed since the early 19th century - but this is an office, a large office with these beautiful items. I got in the room with a special pleading - my name is HERMES, I was visiting from the US and my family, as was that of Thierry Hermes, HERMES founder, originated from the French/German city of Krefeld. I am not a descendant.

The beauty of the visit was not the museum but the magnificent grace of Mme deBazelaire who proudly represents the strong and lasting values of the HERMES family and their now female descendents. It was a privelege to meet her.
Jun 30, 2009
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I'm glad I saw this thread. I will be leaving for Paris in 2 weeks and my H mgr is attempting to get me in to see the museum. From what my mgr stated it is a museum of everything the family has collected. She said that it was not a museum of H products but a museum of things that the family found unique or interesting. My H mgr also stated that this is where the H artisans go to find inspiration for new designs. I will find out soon whether it will be possible or not to visit especially now that I've read from fvhayden that the museum is closed :wondering It would make my trip to Paris even more special if I could visit the museum. I will post an update on my return.
Jun 30, 2009
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Update - My SA just called me and told me that my SM just received an email stating that the museum is closed for renovations so no tour :crybaby: So to drown my sorrows I asked her to look for 2 scarves for me :cry: ===> :sad: ====> :girlsigh: So now that I will not be visiting the museum, I guess I will just have to spend my 3 extra hours in FSH :tup: