Hermes Mooncakes

  1. Got a gift from Hermes to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. These are better than last year's.
    DSC00825.JPG DSC00826.JPG DSC00827.JPG DSC00830.JPG
  2. I love mooncakes! It's lovely how they wrapped in orange and rice paper.
    It is so nice that Hermes does that for their Asian branches. Good marketing!
  3. That's adorable. I love your china :smile:
  4. WOW--that's amazing that they do that; thanks for sharing pictures. And yes, gorgeous China!:love:
  5. How sweet!!! Love your china too!~ BEAUTIFUL!
  6. WOW! Love it, My Peko! It's so nice that H does that!
  7. looks yummy!
  8. SO CUTE! Mooncakes aren't my cup of tea but what a lovely lovely idea!
  9. Thanks for sharing! Looks like they would be delicious with a nice cup of very hot tea!
  10. Wow!! I dunno they have mooncakes at Hermes!! :drool:
  11. That's great that they do that for the Asian market.
  12. Interesting .... time to pop into the H boutique, eh?:P
  13. whoa that's such a nice touch!
    what kind of stuffing did they put in there? (I am actually asking is there egg in there hehehe)..
  14. Oh my gosh, I think you should so keep it for display or somethign haha. But i would have expected more like snow skin or something haha
  15. what is the filling?
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