Hermes Mooncake 2007!!!

  1. Greetings, Hermes Fanatics!

    I received an email from my friend who lives in Hong Kong who got a gift from Hermes to celebrate the Moon Festival. My jaws dropped as soon as I saw the contents in the email!!! It's the 2007 Hermes Mooncake~!! :drool:

    She must be in paradise while eating those heavenly mooncakes :nuts: The mooncake is already delicious...imagine eating an Hermes Mooncake :wtf:

    She didn't describe much but she said she was sure she ate them for me lol

    Just thought I'd share =D
    n543421211_464642_8342.jpg n543421211_464645_9223.jpg n543421211_464646_9512.jpg n543421211_464647_9793.jpg
  2. Those are cute. I still remember someone posting last year's cakes.
  3. Yummy!!

    Credits to my awesome friend :tup: !
    n543421211_464648_72.jpg n543421211_464649_356.jpg n543421211_464650_641.jpg n543421211_464692_7356.jpg
  4. Absolutely lovely!!!!

  5. YUuuumm!
  6. I like your 2nd set of pictures, ignus!
  7. What's a mooncake? A sort of dumpling?
  8. It's a Chinese pastry, typically with sweet lotus paste. These days, there are all sorts ... with truffles, chocolate, ice cream etc.

    It's eaten during the Lantern Festival. Which is now.
  9. ^

    It looks DELICIOUS! I love cake!:drool:
  10. ^^Thank you mrssparkles. :heart: One of my friends once gave me a Chinese pastry that was filled with bean paste(?) with an egg in the middle. I can't recall if he said it was a mooncake. It was very rich and delicious.

    Liberte: you and I posted at the same time. Thank you for the description :heart:
  11. :heart: mooncakes, esp the white lotus paste kind!

  12. I am actually eating mooncake now - from HK. Why didn't I see these in the H store??!
  13. that looks so delicious! Happy Mid Autumn Festival for those who celebrate it :smile:
  14. ^Hey C, will you be having a mid-autumn baby? My dad was born on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar, and my grandma always teased that he rushed out for the mooncakes.
  15. that's so cute! nah..that little monster is being super stubborn and I think he wants to last as long as he can in my tummy. but i am getting him induced by this weekend because I cant take it any longer:sad:.