Hermes Monte Carlo?

  1. My DH and I will be off to Monte Carlo from 15-18 Feb and i am keen to check out the H store. has anyone else been and what kind of stock do they have?? also, do you know if there are any resale stores in the area specialising in vintage H? many thanks
  2. I was there in December, they had the new Kelly wallet - etoupe chevre mysore. Lots of Picotin, PM barenia, clutches, Bolides, Bombay, travel Birkin or HAC. No Birkins or even Kellys and not many scarves. Nice selection of silver bangles and jewellery - not the very expensive fancy stuff but the chunkier mid-price pieces. What were you looking for - it might prompt my memory? They also have quite a bit rtw and some furniture. The staff are really nice there and will be helpful when you want and leave you to browse in peace too. I bought my black/white quadrige bangle there :love:

    It's worth a quick trip to Nice Hermes too - a fast non-stopping train is about 15 minutes to Nice gare and then it's a couple of stops on the new tram or a 20 minutes stroll to the Hermes store, ave de Verdun, I think is the road, but go up rue Paradis too for the Chanel and other good shops. The Nice store is smaller but in December they had qute a few Kellys, it's amazing how the stock varies between stores. The staff are lovely too but it's a smaller store and it's harder to browse in peace.

    There's a fast train from Nice and Monaco to Cannes too where there is another Hermes store. Biggish store, only been once a couple of years ago.

    There are Hermes at both terminals, if you are easyjetting it to Nice, then it will be T2 - the tiny Hermes there can often have good little items - charms, jewellery but no 'fancy' bags and often a really good selection of scarves. the blond SA woman is very knowledgable about the scarves and she speaks very good english too and enjoys sharing her knowledge without any pressure to buy. I don't know the H in T1 at all.

    Have a great trip, there's a branch of Laduree in Monaco too if you want a taste of Paris, lol.
  3. This is good to know and thanks AAN! We will be in Costa del Sol then on to Nice/Cannes/Monte Carlo area then on to Portofino...our big summer vacation and I know my wife will be thrilled to check out the boutiques in every stops!! Wow...perhaps I'll be broke by the time the vacation is over!
  4. Be sure to stop by the special gift shop by the bay for the societe des bains de mere and get the Hermes monte carlo scarf. It is only sold at that gift shop, not at H in town or in Nice. Search the regular H forum for 'scarf in monte carlo' and it will pop up. I'm going to make a trek just for it!
  5. does anyone know where that gift shop is located?
  6. cool thanks very much all of you - i'm not after anything in particular unless i see a black or gold birking (fat chance - ) and even then i'd have to sell the baby into the slave trade to afford it - only kidding.... but i am looking forward to some grown-up time wothout a 2 year-old in tow!