Hermes Monte Carlo Exclusivity...?

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  1. Hi everyone.. I was hoping one of you lovely H experts could help me!

    About a month ago, a customer of mine came into my store just returning from a cruise in Europe. She was talking to me, and she said the best thing she bought was this Hermes scarf in Monte Carlo, but she didn't have it with her.
    She said that (supposedly, per her) that some store (I asked her specifically if it was an actual Hermes store and she said no, but who knows) sells these one of a kind, exclusive to this location Hermes scarves. She said she would come back to show me the style because I was very interested..but of course she never came back.
    Anyway, fast track to now, and I just dropped my parents off at the airport, on their way on the same cruise and they have specific instructions to hunt down these scarves for me in Monte Carlo.
    But before I send them on a wild goose chase, I wanted to make sure it is real/legit. Is this lady just nuts? Or is it just the regular Hermes store with normal scarves? If they are special, are there different sizes of scarves? Etc? :confused1::confused1:

    I hope someone knows!
  2. I guess there's no harm to ask the SAs if there is any exclusive colour of a certain scarf for that place. I only know that the main store at Ginza, Tokyo has 2 exclusive colours for the passage a ginza scarf in 2006.
  3. Not sure, but I DO know Hermes do private scarf commissions for certain people. The French Navy have their own design, and you can only get one if you stay onboard and the Captain deems you worthy enough...LOL!
  4. My parents returned this afternoon from their trip. Apparently my mother made it a mission for herself and all the people they went with on this cruise knew about this quest for the scarf!
    She found the store, but didn't see any Hermes scarves, but she luckily convinced herself to ask and there they were! Just like the lady in my store said, they are exclusive to this store, and are indeed Hermes. They are made for The Societe des Bains de Mer... they come in 4 colors, and she chose the green.
    Here are some pictures!


    And since I know many of you are also Grace aficionados as well, she also picked me up this while in Monte Carlo:
    plus my new Le Monde that arrived today, hehe.
  5. WOW!! Beautiful!!!! what a special scarf!!! your mom rocks!!!
  6. very nice!
  7. ^^INDEED!!! Love the scarf, so special!

    Is that a magazine or a book with Grace Kelly on the cover? Care to scan some pics, lol! I love her!!!
  8. Beautiful!!! Your mom is a sweetie!!
  9. Lucky you!!! I love seeing new scarf patterns.
  10. Nice cool scarf :woohoo:
  11. Beautiful scarf. You mom is the greatest!:tup:
  12. beautiful....your mom is so sweet for finding the scarf!
  13. Wow, nice scarf. I love the colorway. Your mom is so cool!
  14. WOW! Beautiful scarf! Congratulations to you and your mom! My mom would have given up! (heh!) - She'll be thinking that she just saved me some $$$~ LOL!
  15. Love the colorway!