Hermes Mission Accomplished!

  1. I was just any of you consider your collection pretty complete now and feel content with what you own? you feel you will always need more Hermes? How much more do you need/and what?
  2. I feel complete with what I own...and content - sort of. :shame: If I never bought another Hermes bag, I'd be OK, but it wouldn't be very fun. I like having a mission (both the bag hunt and, believe it or not, saving money for an indulgent "something").
  3. As far as bags are concerned, I'm almost done: I'm waiting for a SO chocolate box Kelly, and I'm placing 2 podium orders now in Febuary...And that will complete nicely my bag collection (until a new color/leather will turn up!:p ) After which I will concentrate on the small leather goods and scarves, which I have a bit neglected up 'till now.....
  4. Scarves.

    I'm content with the ones I have, but I love scarves because there's no chance I'll ever have a complete collection. There will always be something to hunt. I will always find another one with colors too beautiful to walk by without buying.

  5. Pretty much there ... based on existing budget ;)

    ... but I would still like to own a bag in chevre de coromandel if I have a chance. I am not 100% sure about the spine thingy but I am willing to give it a try. Aesthetically, the sheen and sturdiness appeal to me. I am hoping this does not turn out to be an expensive learning experience that's all.

    ... and an ostrich, but only if it's Blue Jean or Bleu Roi, and in a 32cm HAC.
  6. I am content with what I own. I would love to have a Bolide in Box and a Jige but if I never get them I will not be sad. I have my much beloved Kelly which I use almost everyday, a Garden Party for when I need a tote and a Picotin for when I need a smaller going out bag. I also have all the small leather goods I need (though I need to stay out of the Rainbow of Colors thread) and a good sized scarf collection. I will always have a wish list but if I never get another thing it really won't matter.
  7. I am pretty surprised. I really thought many would say quickly that they wanted much more, but I am happy that you all are quite content for the most part.
  8. ^^ But KB, with all the enabling going on here, you just never know what'll happen. With new colours ;) and new merchandise :wlae: coming out this year, one almost cannot say with 100% certainty. How about re-visiting this thread after the podium??? :graucho: :graucho:
  9. That's an interesting question kb. I remember in the 1980's when I was in my 20's I carried a Coach Station bag for about ten years and was very happy...I had a beautiful leather bag. But again, at that time bags weren't "the item to have" and I was quite content. Now, since Hermes is all over the media and "high profile" I guess I'll never be really happy because our society has changed to "one up" everyone...which is a shame.
    But, I've been spoiled since purchasing my first Kelly eleven years ago and I thought then that that would be my only bag forever.
    Well, I've collected quite a few since then and I don't think I'll ever stop...wish I could just be happy with one.
  10. i know that i'm already trully blessed to own what i already have (even though it's probably downright puny when compared with 98.5% of this board... haha.) but if i had my wish... i would only like to acquire my wishlist (which is hands down the tiniest).
  11. I am just starting....long way to go!
  12. It is ok to "spoil yourself" and it is ok to "keep up" as long as it is within your means...I just wondered if you all were happy where you are with your bags or it is a continual quest. (you know what I mean)

    I know I want a small collection and I am not finished, but I feel I will be in a little bit.
  13. I think Hermes will always be a continual quest for many colors, leathers, exotics and so little time and money. And so much fun!
  14. I think I have pretty much what I would need as far as bags go - and more. But that won't stop me from adding to the collection if something interesting pops up.

    Technically any of us only ever really needs ONE bag, but any other Hermes bag for me is just more icing on the cake!! And I looooooves my icing. ;)
  15. [Technically any of us only ever really needs ONE bag, but any other Hermes bag for me is just more icing on the cake!! And I looooooves my icing. [/quote]