Hermes missed connections

  1. So today at around 12:30pm I walked into Mario's (luxury italian retailer beloved in SEA and PDX) and I'm in the changing room and my husband overhears two ladies about a relative's birthday party and which Hermes scarf they should pick for her.
    The one with the canada w/ the indians or the new orleans jazz festival.... and my husband and the SA say "Hermes... ask Elizabeth for her opinion" so I drop by their dressing room and pick the New Orleans one since it looks completely gorgeous on the SA.....
    and the Hermes lady who bought the scarves said:
    1) she buys most of her stock from Las Vegas
    2) she has over 200 scarfs
    3) she's a fan of luxury z website...
    4) her daughter said mom when are you going to grow out of your Hermes phase:sweatdrop: I said "you are a very lucky girl when you inherit all those scarves"

    I forgot to introduce myself ............
    I was wondering if she was a TpF member but how does one really bring that up:blush:

    anyways if you are out there just wanted to say Hi!

    post you missed connection here...............

    :heart: elizabethK
  2. What a lovely person to run into. And what a lucky daughter to eventually inherit from Mom's "Hermes phase."
  3. Elizabeth, I hope this lady you met is a tPFer and I hope she PMs you!
  4. Great story, I hope she gets in touch.

    Maybe we all need a secret sign to exchange in Hermes stores, a virtual 'masonic' signal to identify each other, LOL
  5. Maybe a "code phrase" like they have in spy movies!

    Something like "The crow flies at dawn" only H related; "Horses ride at sunset" or something you can totally pass off to a stranger..."I like Orange, don't you?" and the response has to be something like "only with Brown Ribbon". :lol:
  6. That's such a nice story, I too, hope she is a TPFer and pm you ;)

    I wished I still live in PDX area and meet up with you ladies there!

  7. This one I like, LOL, I'm going to try it next time I'm in an H store. I will practise with DD.
  8. :wlae: :wlae: Great idea ATG!!

    I love that!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. :plet's play Hermes spys!
  10. I love a code phrase! But what could it be?
  11. You are funny Jag!^^
  12. it's something you say to identify yourself covertly, but that's not important right now . . . .
    (^^ will only make sense if you're a fan of the movie Airport :p )

  13. Great idea!!!
  14. We need a code :yes: I saw a lovely tPFer at SF Hermes...we were both looking at each other wondering if we were from tPF and it turns out we both were!!! :smile: But didn't find out until later.
  15. A secret code! I love it! :heart: