hermes mini kelly

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  1. I've developed a lust for a mini kelly! does anyone own one? i know it's a bit too tiny to be considered truly practical, but it's so sweet! currently there is an ebay auction for item #6861106012- does anyone know how much the bags retailed for?

    here's a little croc!

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  2. Around $4,000 I think? Or was it more? Not sure but I love them too. They are so pretty! :love:
  3. I have seen a brown mini kelly (smooth leather) at the Hermes store for approximately $3300. It's super tiny!
  4. i think $4000ish sounds about right.....although probably way too tiny (and i love small bags)......the 28 cm ones are a great size....small but not too small....and run around $6000-7000ish i think.....saw one in store this weekend and it was gorgeous
  5. I think it would be really nice as an evening bag instead of the usual clutch..:smile:
  6. I LOVE the look of those!!!:love: I think it makes a FABULOUS evening bag!
  7. So cute! I also like the size 25 rigide for evening. :smile:
  8. How small exactly are these minis? I was wondering exactly what can fit in it. They are truly adorable!
  9. I saw one in blue croc yesterday in SF and almost fainted it was so pretty.:biggrin: I think they would be the perfect size for evening. (About the same size as an LV Recital) You could fit the essentials but not much more. Wow, I really want one! They are gorgeous in suede too. :love:
  10. I saw one in red croc and red suede last weekend and I LOVED's pretty small but it would be perfect as an evening bag. I'm thinking about the suede one, it's about 4000 CAN so not too bad
  11. They are 20cm.
  12. It's really cute. *sigh* I would love to own one someday.
  13. It's cute but I'd rather spend a few thousands more to get a regular 32 cm Kelly. :biggrin: It's fun to have I guess.
  14. I have seen them and they are so cute! If you love tiny things, I would get one!
  15. Yesterday, I saw one a red croc...I about did a flip. It was breathtaking even though it was small. I would want a larger bag, but it would have been perfect for my 2 year old! Hee hee
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