hermes mini kelly


Feb 24, 2006
I've developed a lust for a mini kelly! does anyone own one? i know it's a bit too tiny to be considered truly practical, but it's so sweet! currently there is an ebay auction for item #6861106012- does anyone know how much the bags retailed for?

here's a little croc!


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i think $4000ish sounds about right.....although probably way too tiny (and i love small bags)......the 28 cm ones are a great size....small but not too small....and run around $6000-7000ish i think.....saw one in store this weekend and it was gorgeous
I saw one in blue croc yesterday in SF and almost fainted it was so pretty.:biggrin: I think they would be the perfect size for evening. (About the same size as an LV Recital) You could fit the essentials but not much more. Wow, I really want one! They are gorgeous in suede too. :love:
I saw one in red croc and red suede last weekend and I LOVED's pretty small but it would be perfect as an evening bag. I'm thinking about the suede one, it's about 4000 CAN so not too bad
Yesterday, I saw one a red croc...I about did a flip. It was breathtaking even though it was small. I would want a larger bag, but it would have been perfect for my 2 year old! Hee hee