hermes mini kelly or kelly pochette?

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  1. Hi, I'm new and have a question for you: Which would you get a mini kelly or a kelly pochette? I already have a Kelly 32 (black) and a couple of Birkins 35 (an ostrich blue jean and a chocolate leather) and I would like something small, trendy, to use for cocktails or parties. I wondier which is considered the trendiest now. Have you any suggestions?
  2. A 25 cm sellier Kelly is what I would go for perferably croc or lizard
  3. KP is the trendiest hands down. I personally wouldn't rule out the mini kelly though for the purpose. On the plus side you can be original carrying a mini kelly when everybody else's carrying KP:supacool:. I love both.
  4. Excellent taste mooks, I wish I could afford the croc/lizzard,
  5. There's also the Kelly Cut and the Kelly longue to think about :graucho:

    Here is my take on it: the 25 cm kelly is slightly more formal. The KP is cute and more casual. Also, the leathers used to make the KP are probably more limited: mainly swift and evergrain, I think, which not everyone likes, unless you go for exotics (croc and lizard).

    Edited to add: I don't think either is really "trendy" though, if that's the main criterion.
  6. I prefer the Kelly KP but if you want something trendy for parties, what about the medor clutch?
  7. The Kelly Pochette for me, hands DOWN!

    I love Kellys, but I am tall and at drinks/dinner parties I like a small bag, more like a clutch than a bag... I can get away with putting it on a table (next to me LoL) as I wander about, under an arm, and as much as I adore mini Kellys, they tend to look like a formal formal bag, or like I've borrowed a petit girl's bag for the night!

    Its probably all in my head, but for me, the KP fits the bill better :yes:
  8. Kelly Pochette for me as well!:heart:
  9. I personally don't love the proportions of the 20cm mini Kelly - somehow to my eye the handle looks too big.

    I think a Kelly Pochette is more versatile than a 25 Kelly, because a clutch can be dressed up or down. I have a 25 in black box but ended up getting a KP for formal occasions, as the 25 doesn't go with evening gowns!
  10. It sounds to me like a Kelly Pochette would suit your needs best. You might also like to look at a Medor Clutch or Medor Pochette.
  11. I agree with VanillaSkye about the Kelly 20's proportions.
    I have both a Kelly 25 and a couple of KP's. They are really different. If you are looking for something that can really go with evening gowns, a KP is much better. What i really like about the KP is that it can go from very formal to very casual. I have a plain black one and a grey lizard, and I use both with everything.
    I also really like the Kelly 25 when I want a small bag but have more than the KP can hold. I also love the shoulder strap on the 25, which I sometimes wear messenger style. This makes the bag totally versatile and it's often what I use to run around with little kids (so both my hands are free), go to movies/dinners, and for cocktail parties that are not totally dressy. My Kelly 25 is the retourne style and in Togo leather, so it's not a very dressy looking one and it holds a lot.
  12. Thank you for starting this thread, as I was considering the same question not too long ago. I am liking the KP for all the reasons stated above.
  13. :heart::heart::heart: KP, KP, KP, KP :heart::heart::heart:
  14. I think the kelly elan is very chic looking -- love the long style
  15. Kelly Pochette :smile: