Hermes Milan?

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  1. I'm going to be there from Jan 2 to Jan 12... Is there anything good there? A good SA to recommend? Any tPFers in town?
  2. Oh Perja.. You're so lucky!!! I never went to Milan, would love to go one day!

    No SA recommendation, but enjoy your trip and keep us posted!
  3. are sooo lucky! Wish I was going with you. Don't forget to report to us.
  4. I will do, to the best of my abilities (should I have the internet and a bit of spare time).

    I'm going for work but I'll have evenings and a weekend free... I don't know what to do there lol
  5. I've never been there but I went to the Hermes in Parma (south of Milan but cute town - straight out of Shakespeare!) once and nobody spoke English - they didn't speak French or German either - I wanted a white belt - it was hilarious - they were very nice - luckily I remembered the Italian word for white was a very small store.
  6. Ooooh, wish I could go and meet you there - I'd love to see Milan.
  7. Haha that is so funny Cal. I was just telling Perja that you two should spend her one weekend there on a girlie shopping trip and checking out the Loro Piana, Frette and Prada outlet stores.
  8. Oooooo, Frette.................
  9. The room would get crowded pretty quick if I had my PF friends over + the shopping bags + all the guys we wouldn't be kicking out of bed (hmm, miss Wongnumber? :P)
  10. Perja - don't remember a specific SA, but I recall them being pretty friendly and not too snobby. I was surprised - Rome was worse.

    Also since you'll have time over the weekend, don't miss Peck if you like picking food up and making a picnic instead of eating out all the time. It's on a street just off the Duomo (Via Ruffini 9, IIRC) and is one of the most amazing gourmet stores I've ever been in.

    Have fun and keep us posted!!!!!
  11. They are very nice there. I asked about Birkins and the gentleman SA politely cracked up (Italian style). But aside from that awkward for me moment, the visit was great.
  12. Perja, I think I can help you. PMing you.
  13. And the very large bed that would be growing bigger all the time, since we wouldn't want to kick any dark handsome men out?? :P

    Nah, no Italian men for me, those mammone (big mamma's boys)...
  14. Heeemmmm, pardon me but "mammone" is for one single men, the plural is spelled "mammoni". I thought you might have been interested in that, since you (wongnumber), and perja apparently need more than one...:nuts:

    Perja, I am at your disposal for Milan, but I am not sure I can provide the necessary amount of italian guys as well...:shrugs:
  15. I don't remember exactly where the Frette one is right now, but I can tell you for sure that Prada and Loro Piana are not in Milan but in Forence which is quite far away. I mean not far in US terms, but far in European terms, it's at least a 3 1/2 hours drive to get there from Milan. Not exactly next door, but lots of people do it.