Hermes Miami

Mar 14, 2007
I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask your advice....but, here goes....I'm travelling to Miami on Wednesday (first time in that city) to attend a conference over the weekend. I've checked the weather on the net and find that it is like our Summer - 22-26 degrees celsius expected while I am there. Is this like Spring for you gals? Or are you out in your linens/silks and open toe sandals? Tearing my hair out trying to decide what to pack for the time I will have to browse around the city. I'll be in Chicago before that, and they are expecting temperatures as low as -6 celsius while I'm there.Yowzer!

Also - would any tPFer like to meet up, especially if you are going to Paris in April? I won't have my itinerary fixed until tomorrow......:flowers:


Jun 27, 2007
Miami is really not a resort city. It's an international banking and trade center and business women dress much like they would in any large US city. Of course coats aren't needed and they wear lighter weight fabrics. The locals look forward to the slight change in seasons and can't wait to wear their cashmeres and fall/winter things.

Since you're attending a business conference, I would think that you would be comfortable in conservative business attire. The rooms where seminars are held are usually freezing, too. (The better to keep you awake)

Where will you be staying? That's important. Coral Gables and downtown Miami are more business oriented. Key Biscayne and Miami Beach are more resort-like.

If your hotel and meetings are in one of the more resorty places, and you will have time to let down your hair and play, then by all means pack a bathing suit, beach coverup, some white pants and a nautical T top or a Tory Burch tunic.

I hope you have a great time! Just remember there are loads of stores that would be happy to sell you something. I'd love to be traveling in the US with euros to pay for everything!


Nov 28, 2006
I live an hour north of Miami so the temperature here is basically the same. It's been warm, sort of like late Spring, and we are all wearing short sleeved and sleeveless tops and dresses. Sandals, closed shoes, Reebocks for walking around....all are acceptable while you are browsing around the city. Light weight fabrics and colors always work here but don't worry about packing too much as dark colors work well too. Welcome to South Florida!!!
Jun 16, 2007
It's been pretty warm here lately...but the evenings have been a bit nippy. Definitely bring some lightweight business attire, and you can get away with open toe sandals. I would keep a lightweight cashmere cardigan handy just in case. Floridians are funny....when it gets 70F we whip out the coats and watch them talk on the news about the "cold front" coming

What part of Miami will you be staying in? There is some great shopping to be had here and lots of fun restaurants. I'll be traveling out of state later this week, otherwise I'd love to come say hello!


Dec 6, 2010
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