Hermes Messenger Bags

  1. I know the topic of Man-bags has popped up quite a few times..but I was looking for a messenger bag. Does anyone know if they have Messenger bags? If so, What type of skin/fabric did it come in? How much was it?

    Thanks in Advance for all the help!!
    Happy Veterans Day!

  2. There is a messenger at bluefly. It is called 'Colorado' I believe and is priced around $1700.
  3. Thanks La Monsieur... However, I couldn't find it on Bluefly. I'm just worried about Bluefly's authenticity issues.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?

  4. Thanks Orchids!!!
    The Benaventura looks great.

  5. Also the Evelyne can be worn as a messenger bag. There is a pic somewhere that shows the Evelyne as a man's bag in one of the Hermes windows.
  6. The Vespa can also be worn messenger style. Other bags that can be worn messenger style are the Tibet and the Masai.
  7. orchids, thanks for the information. I will check it out.
  8. i saw sum ppl wearing vespa looks nice!
  9. Isn't there a messenger style from the Acapulco line, too?