hermès "messed up" colour scheme

  1. ok no here is the one and only thing i "hate" about hermès. their weird colour scheme :rant: it almost ever freaks me out as all the colours that are named the same look actually different on all the leathers.not to speak of the different names for the crocs or ostrichs for the same colour :wacko: so what about doing a list? with all the colours and how they look on each leather and the leathers it is available in.
    really that drives me mad since years why couldn´t they just name each colour on each leather on their own when it is quite obvious that there is really little in common other than the name in some cases
  2. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!!!! I've been having such a problem with vert anis/chartreuse etc........sorry I can't help start it off, but what a great idea!!!!!:yes:
  3. Giving this one a bump, because I'd really like some info........:yes:
  4. Pics will be the best because it gives a better idea how it will look like IRL.

    Qn:HERMES, why do you do this?
    Ans:Sorry, Hermes. Just feelin' angry with you a lil' bit. Love you always.

    Give you a kiss.:heart:

    [Bye, Robert Chavez. Don't forget to deliver 100 free birkins to me. And tell your wife, we're getting married.:amuse: ]


  5. Crazy.:roflmfao:
  6. Ooooooo yes darling, I'm so crazy I wanna strangle you right now!! :mad: :censor: :rant: :censor: :rant: :mad: :censor:

    No manners.
  7. Sorry. ;)
  8. That's better. Next time, don't mention that word anymore for the rest of your life, you might offend someone. :smile:
  9. Perhaps this thread should be re-named "Hermes messed-up fans":huh:
  10. Ditto!! :graucho:
  11. this is a great idea lilach, i always get so messed up about it!
  12. There's no need for this thread. All of the different colors are posted at Hermes Informative Catalogue. Constance, the expert and the others have contributed how different colors look in different leathers. Check out the the thread.