hermes men's wallet

  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in buying a Hermes men's wallet. But i couldn't find men's wallet section on can you help me?

    and btw,
    any recommendation?

    i'm male in early 20s

  2. Thanks alot nola
  3. I am interested in men's wallet too. Hope someone can shed more lights on it. Thanks in advance.:tup:
  4. I was looking for one for DH recently too. I found a nice simple billfold one, with 8 credit card compartments (4 on each side). Two slots for bills. It comes in evergrain, evercalf, and epsom, from what I saw. Dark colors like black and browns. Prices just topped $1000 after the price increase.
  5. The billfold kelly32 just mentioned also comes in various exotic skins, I have it in shiny alligator.
  6. Wow...

    Didn't realise this thread has not been active for the longest time ever....
    But what wallets are the men getting these days?

    I'm thinking of getting a wallet for Dh this coming holidays.. but I am unable to find the styles via :nogood:

    Anyone has any idea if Hermes carries men's wallet with bill/card/ change slots?

    TIA :smile:
  7. My three favorite mens wallets are Dogon short, calvi and poker. I think out of the three, poker is the most conservative/standard looking one, while the other two are card cases (but one can stick their bills folded into the compartment). I know Hermes makes a wallet that has all three compartments you mentioned in one, but I am unaware of the name.
  8. I love the MC2 and Socrate styles of men's wallets! I'm a man. I don't have those but always ogle when I see them. They are pretty rare, though...
  9. U can try the citizen twill bifold wallet.
  10. I was just about to suggest the Citizen twill bifold wallet, they showed me one in Dublin in Etoupe Swift with blue silk interior, but I chose the Citizen Twill card holder instead because I don't like big wallets and rarely carry cash. Great mind think alike! :biggrin:
  11. I saw one similar to the bearn bifold but without the strap and H hardware. I like men carrying long wallet.
  12. My citizon twill card holder is pictured in the Reference Library for Small Leather Goods, last page I think. The bifold is exactly like that with a bifold style. It is beautiful IRL. So happy with it
  13. Great holiday idea for a special someone I know.