Hermes men's scarves

  1. Hi everyone :smile: first post

    Just a little question concerning men's scarves. My local Hermès store is tiny, and my SA is not SO knowlegable and can't order anything from Paris unless I have an accurate description of what I want

    I'm looking for a classic cashmere scarf (just like classic Burberry ones, same shape, not a shawl), I remember one, a few years ago, black with grey "H" all over it.

    So... do you know if they still produce men's cashmere scarves? If yes, how pretty are they, what type of designs have you seen, how pricey are they?

    Thanks for everything :yahoo:
  2. exp - welcome!

    I saw these very same scarves (with the little H allover) in my store of late - they are definitely still available, although I have no idea of the name. Your SA should really be able to help you order one - there are not THAT many cashmere scarves that fit that description!

    You could also log onto, have a look at the mens section (I believe those scarves are on there) and explain your situation - they will tell you what the name is to ask your SA for - they are VERY helpful!

    I believe I have also seen men's scarves on Luxury-Zurichs site as well - they are FAB and will be happy to help you if they can, too!

    Good Luck - those scarves are SOOOOO gorgeous, they feel like HEAVEN!!!!!

    Let us know how you go!
  3. I'll try and find a pic....
  4. here
  5. [​IMG]
  6. ^new design on ^^^^^^
  7. Thanks!!
  8. Thanks!!
    That's cute but I was looking for either something more classic (a simple ivory fringed scarf) or the scarf I was talking about (the H were bigger, the disign of the letter was the one of the belts)
    Ayway thanks:!
  9. Oh yes that's fabulous thank you so much!
    Have anyone seen it in store?
    Thanks again (l)