Hermes mens fragrances

  1. Im a guy who has used Hermes Bel-Ami for 15 yrs now. I like it personally, but thinking I may be due for a change. Being a creature of habit I wish continue using Hermes fragrances. What do you think of Bel-Ami ? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  2. I love Terre D'Hermes.
  3. hi,

    rocabar is a classic one too. Very male...
    Tonka vetiver smell very fine and elegant.
  4. I haven't smelled Bel-Ami, but I think the new one is fabulous! Terre D'Hermes! Yum!

    I love that the stores have recently been smelling of this. :heart:
  5. I like Terre D'Hermes but my DH prefers Rocabar. Actually I find that very sexy on him.. He's got the all over shampoo, and he wants me to get him the EDT next time I pop into Hermes.
  6. The funny thing about colognes is they change character after wearing them for a while. Ive been to malls where they spray samples on cardboard, I find most fragarances smell similar after about 3 samples. For men theres a new cologne every week. I even saw American Chopper cologne, from the Discovery channel tv show. Im anxious to try the Terre and Rocobar Thanks!
  7. actually i bought for myself the hermessence poivre but my DH stole it!!!!and he loves it!!!!
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