Hermes Mens F/W 2009

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  1. Hermes delivers collection of classic suits
    5 hours ago

    PARIS (AP) — Hermes' menswear collection of superbly constructed suits and leather coats was solid but broke little new ground Saturday for the venerable French label.

    What it lacked in surprises, though, the winter 2009-2010 collection by French designer Veronique Nichanian more than made up for in wearable elegance. Made from wool cashmere blends in grays, black and loden, the single and double-breasted suits were timeless.

    Superstar rapper Kanye West called the collection "really dope" and said he loved the double-breasted suits worn with scarves in primary colors. "It felt like a mix between pop and luxury, which I love," he told The Associated Press.

    "It's one of the few brands that I actually still have to look at the price," added West — a frequent first-row guest at many of the big-name shows this week in Paris — with an impish smile.

    A nubuck crocodile trench and calfskin bomber jacket drew on the heritage of the house, which was founded in 1837 as a saddlemaker.

    Leather details dressed up many of the pants, and a yellow cardigan with lambskin inserts on the chest — West's favorite piece — was one of the more original looks at the show.
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    (Pics from TFS...)

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  3. I love the pop of yellow against the conservative suits, though I don't imagine a lot of men daring to go so bold.

    Heh, now if only H would deliver the men... :P
  4. reminds me of Dick Tracy....:P
  5. I love those pictures above,wish I could get my DH to wear them all but he is being so cautious for the moment with expenses.
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. Thank you for posting!
  8. :smile:
  9. Thank you for sharing! That yellow cardigan is a real show stopper! :tup:
  10. Well I'm glad Kanye is happy about it!
  11. I love the Yellow...especially this turtleneck. Not too sure about the double-breasted jacket...:s
  12. these are my top picks.

    yellow cashmere sweater that looks oh so comfy:



    Cute cardigan. Very Marc Jacobs/Gucci (I forgot which season; although theirs were blue instead of yellow)


    Trench coat with barenia trims. I wonder how this is cleaned.


    Images from

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  13. I believe it was last year f/w

    You mean this, right? Marc by Marc Jacobs
  14. ^^ I think so. Although the one I remember had a blue stripe. My memory fails me. :Push:
  15. Allan, you'd look so MAJOR in that trench!