Hermes meetings in Amsterdam or Utrecht

  1. hello Hermeslovers from the Netherlands!

    What about to meet sometime in Amsterdam or Utrecht?
    I can organize for Hermes lovers a nice free of charge boat trip among the Amsterdam's canals. We could talk about Hermes bags and gossip :smile:
  2. Wished I was in Amsterdam, but not for a while maybe somewhere in autumn.
  3. what a good idea!Think we have to wait till Kloosterman is in town!Amsterdam will be great.
  4. When I'm back in Amsterdam I would love to meet you all :smile:
  5. Hi,where is the rest of hermes lovers in holland?
    Come on girls don"t be shy!!
    We can organize also an meeting can't we?!
  6. :huh:O, :huh:O! Count me in!
  7. let's see if dutch glory reacts , it was her great idea!
    maybe we can set a date when we know when kloosterman is in town.
  8. hehe i'll be back at the end of month, would love to meet the rest :biggrin: might try to meet up . to think i havent even been on one of those boat rides before hahha :p
    i'm in brabant btw
  9. I don't buy Hermes,but if y'all wouldn't mind a YSL/Chloe/Chanel bag in your midst...:yes: