Hermes Medor watch...

  1. I love the Medor watch and really want to get one - just wanted to get opinions from anyone who owns one what they think about it.

    I would love to the an orange strap...

    I have seen a few on ebay - are there fake Medors out there?

    Thank you!
  2. There are MANY fakes out there. One thing to know for sure as a way to tell is that the Medor is not water resistant. It is one of the few watches that is not, so any Medor watch that says water resistant on the back is fake. This was actually told to me by an SA. Also make sure the buckle says Hermes on one side and Stainless Steel on the other side if you are getting the palladium one.

    Having said that, I owned one and just recently sold it. I found myself wacking the daylights out of the car window while I was driving. The large pyramid parts do stick up quite a bit. But it IS a stunning watch and I received MANY compliments when I wore it. It just became cumbersome for me to have to push the winding button and open it just to glance at the time. One cannot "casually glance" at your watch to know the time when wearing the Medor. Those around you will know that you are checking the time.

    You can pick one up on the website now that is priced below what I paid at Neiman Marcus (I paid $2,025 plus tax in June 2006) and I believe they have the orange/potiron strap. BTW, I sold mine on ebay for just $799 and it was authentic and only worn twice - so one can find deals, just be careful. You could post the ebay item on the Authenticate This Hermes and we can help you from there.
  3. Thank you so much Gazoo! I will definitely check out the website - your advice was very helpful!
  4. I have a gold Meador on a black box strap. I wear it on weekends or for going out. I'm afraid I would wreck it and scratch it up too much during the week. I have to wash my hands at work constantly so a leather strap is always out of the question. I do love the style and look of it and would love to find one in Palladium. It has a bad girl/biker feel to it that is so much fun.
  5. i want a medor watch in yellow with gold hardware.....geez, i want so many H things.........:graucho:
  6. I've seen several Medor watches online and they ALL say "Water Resistant" on the back. So they are all fakes? Thanks for the info!:tup:

    I think Im sticking to the H Store for my Medor. Does anyone know the cost for additional straps for the Medor?
  7. I think it's @$400 for additional leather straps. I ordered 2 in June--and have still not received them.
  8. So true! Cannot be worn to boring events because it is impossible to check the time without being obvious.
  9. :lol: Thank god you never check your Medor watch when you're with me. Maybe that's why you wear it! :jammin:
  10. Yes, it is a good sign if I wear it!;)
  11. can anyone who owns the medor confirm if there shld really not be WATER RESISTANT etched on the back of the watch?

    as i am hunting for one in ebay & most of them show WATER RESISTANT on the back...

    please help. thanks. :biggrin:
  12. I have a blue jean/palladium Medor. I got it a couple of years ago. I really love it. I admit it's a bit dangerous when you hit something, but it looks great and edgy. I like that you rarely see another on someone else. It's locked up right now. I'll check about the waterproof. I've never been that delicate with it in regards to the water. It's in great shape still.
  13. I just got a Medor watch a few weeks ago and there's no Water Resistant on the back, just a pretty round logo along with numbers/letters. As to how it wears I have no idea, it's been hiding in a drawer since I got it :ninja:
  14. It should not say water resistant.
  15. I was told by SA @ T.O.'s H store that older medor watches used to have "waterresistant" etched on the back.