Hermes medor watch

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  1. i'm in love...
    can someone tell me the retails price?

    and i found different pics with side flip and top flip
    can anyone explain to me the difference? i'm kinda new to hermes, i only have 1 herbag :P


  2. I love this watch! I remember when it first came out I thought the price was a bit high for what it is. I don't know the current price but I think north of 2900 I'm sure one of the other tpfrs will know more. For some reason I want to say 3200 usd
  3. seahorseinstripes - Very interesting how you found the watches with the different side and top openings. I never noticed that before, but I have no clue if it's just a design change or if it's a difference in the function of the watch (quartz vs. auto, etc)

    I love the Medor watch and although I don't own one I would love to have a black with palladium. There's also a mini Medor double tour, but the face is very tiny and not practical for me.
  4. I've been in love with this watch for years....
  5. yes i think this is so cute... i'm not a watch collector or user, but i like how this camouflage as a bracelet :P
  6. that watch is now $2450 or something like that- I just checked at Barneys the other day - I want it too....
  7. Love it! Hope you get one!
  8. The ones that open at the top are the older models. The newer ones open at the side. I'd say unless you really want to get a new one, to get an older model since they don't cost even close to as much resale as they do new.
  9. I love it aesthetically but Im not sure my tired eyes would be able to see the time lol.
  10. I think it was almost $3000 after the price increase...
  11. That's how I feel, L! :P Especially the mini-medor, which I love too.
  12. Any update on the current price?
  13. It's currently available on the website for $3,575.00.
  14. Thanks :smile:
  15. Does this watch only come in one size?

    Also, does anyone know what color watch Kelly Rutherford is wearing? Is it the same colour as the watch in the last pic borrowed from a tpfer?

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