Hermès mask inspirations

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  1. I have to work. I’m a pharmacist and we are considered essential, so I got inspired by the HSCI group pictures.

    I love to see some other looks. B529FA60-CA59-4A34-9D4D-79D1A3EE6170.jpeg
  2. Saw this on Instagram
  3. I made this a couple weeks ago with an extra dustbag! I did have to cut and re-sew the pieces. I used the same drawstring to keep it in the hermes theme!

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  4. Fanciest mask EVER!!! Hope you are staying well and safe, honey. Thank you for your continued work to make sure folks have their medicine. ❤️
  5. Love this! With this design I bet you could even slide in a filter to make it even more protective. I have been looking into cutting up the hvac filter to fit as a filter for my kids mask. The higher the merv rating the better it will filter. Not perfect, but better than nothing. Hope you are staying safe Yoshi!!
  6. Omg you gals are so creative
    Stay clean stay safe stay home
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  7. Hi there! Thank you so much! That is a great point that I can slip a filter in. I think my brother ordered a few filters for us to cut up and use.

    Thanks and hope you are staying safe too!
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  8. I love everyone's creativity!
  9. Hi Yoshi!! Can you post a pic of the other side of the mask? I’m gonna try to figure out how you did this! Also, what dustbag did you use, shoes? Or?
  10. Love the creativity! You don't need a HVAC filter, I heard that you can slip a coffee filter in if you don't have anything else.
  11. Thanks y'all! Here is the back. I used the dustbag for the strap of my evelyne. I took it apart completely but cutting and undoing the seams of the sides, and cut it right down the bottom line. I then placed one piece over the other perpendicular like a cross where the hermes logo was centered on the front and folded the ends over of the logo piece and did a very very crappy loose stitch haha

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  12. I’m waiting for someone to try this with a 45 scarf!
    How to make a No-Sew Pleated Face Mask with Handkerchief and Hair Tie

    - Handkerchief (A regular cotton handkerchief of 18" x 18" is used in this tutorial.)
    - 2 hair ties


    1. Place the handkerchief face down.

    2. Fold the top to the center.

    3. Fold the bottom to the center.

    4. Flip over.

    5. Fold the top to the center.

    6. Fold the bottom to the center.

    7. Flip over.

    8. Thread the ends of the handkerchief through the hair ties.

    9. Fold the sides of the handkerchief.

    10. Flip over. You have a pleated face mask!

    [​IMG]Wash the mask after each use & you'll always have a clean mask.


    If you have tights that have a hole or a strain, make elastic bands from them. Very soft and stretchy, they are actually more comfortable than regular hair ties. Don't worry, the tights will curl into themselves that nobody would notice you were wearing old tights on your face!
    Elastic bands from a sock are also comfy and can be good alternatives. However, they tend to shed.

    From here:

    anyone? :P
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  13. If you want a luxury mask, make it from Fortuny fabric. Last time I checked, it was nearly $700 per yard and sold by the repeat (repeats are huge - more than one yd). Would be gorgeous!
  14. I was inspired by your mask and made my own too! (crossposted in another thread)

  15. Love this! Did you follow a specific pattern? And do you think this can be hand sewn vs machine?