Hermes, marketing and dating...

  1. Now if you were single and dating, would you carry your Hermes bags?

    I love Hermes and have acquired a good collection of H bags... I like to think that when the day comes (if it happens at all), the guy who marries me will be one lucky fella as he will have little to no pressure or stress in finding me any H bags... LOL (as I am sure a lot of DHs out there are quite stressed if not puzzled about the demands and supply of these bags)!**Well... at least I like to think this can be my new marketing tactic... ha ha ha**:roflmfao:

    On one side, to carry H bags may look ultimate and tres chic during your date!**Looking nice is good... or so I thought.**

    Some friends however have another school of thought.**Looking chic is fine but don't look too nice i.e. no obvious designer wear... and definitely do not take out H bags as this will send out red warning signals "high maintenance" and scare them all off!!! :confused1:

    So what are your thoughts?
  2. Be yourself, he will have to deal with who you really are eventually. Do you want a guy who is opposed to Hermes bags? I think not. Carry the bag!
  3. Hey I am in the same boat. I carry my H bags! If it sends out the message to the guy that I deserve only the best (but at the same time can afford it myself), then it sends out the right message! Plus the chic message they send is understated elegance and not in-your-face-loud-monogrammed-to-the-hilt-look-at-what-I-can-afford.
    I carry the bags because I think I look great with them and they make me feel great - what more can you ask for on a date?
  4. Question for those dating....How often do you run into a guy who knows what an Hermes bag is?
  5. Never. Hence I am still single ;)
  6. How often????....ALL the time. The guy I'm dating knows where he stands......and he stands just beyond the bags. Haha.....But seriously, I wouldn't want a guy who got scared off by my bags. If he thinks he has to maintain me, I doubt I'd be impressed with someone who can buy me a bag that I can already get by myself. Okay, okay, it WAS my ex and the current BH that bought me most of my H stuff but...., I would say, "No." to a guy who disapproved of my H bags. It's something I feel strongly about. My H bags set me apart from the rest of the pack in this lil' town. Sad and shallow, but nonetheless true.
  7. Great answer, but I just would not expect a guy to know very much about handbags. Remember the line from Body Heat? "I don't like my men too smart."
  8. Guess that depends on the location... in the US, maybe not.  In Europe, maybe and in Asia maybe.  It would depend on the guy and his background, whether his mother and/or sisters, friend's wives and gfs, are Hermes fans searching for the bags.  Where I am from the social circle is quite small... so for sure some of my ex dates knows what H is about... maybe not exactly but for sure they know it's $$$ (and doesn't get it).

    Hi Hello2703... welcome to the club!  Good to know you are on the same boat.  I had a similar conversation with some guy friends, being that girls who are independent and self sufficient are not expecting their bf to buy them H bags... so what is the problem?  The response was quite interesting particularly from one, who is a doctor... he said that he dislike high maintenance girls because these girls are use to Hermes and the best, how can they top that moving forward?  In order for him to impress these ladies, his gifts needs to escalate... I guess I can see where he is coming from (even though some times it's not about the "actual gift" but the thought behind it). Rolls down to it... we are talking about the fragile male ego (and boy are there many out there)!

    This doctor by the way, ended up marrying a girl who become a Hermes fan after he proposed to her!!?? LOL :roflmfao: Before which she was always playing super low maintenance!!! Ha Ha! Funny how things turned out for him! :roflmfao:
  9. I feel the same way.

    I am single and carry my bags on dates. I don't know many guys, actually too many people period, who recognize Hermes bags. If some man is going to dump me because I carry a Kelly I don't want to date him.

  10. I am totally with you ladies... I use to think exactly the same way! He has to like me exactly the way I am... this is me, the way I dress, take it of leave it!

    However I am now having second thoughts having listened to some of my other friends' experiences and feedback. But its so good to also hear the opinion from my TPF friends!! Thank you!

    Where I am from... men are quite insecure and have fragile egos... they cannot cope with independent women! Not good... :wtf:
  11. Hi Eric, you are too funny! :yahoo:
  12. I love this thread!
  13. I have no time in my life for an insecure guy wiht a fragile ego. If all the available men are of the insecure/fragile ego make, then I'd rather stay single, thank you very much.
  14. Thanks Lulilu!

    I have often thought... if these men cannot cope and we are only talking about material goods (at this stage in life i.e. not too young), if they feel insecure and threatened about such trivial things, they have a problem!! Surely I don't want to be with someone so doubtful. OK these characters have to got to go... which means the pool of available bachelors is fast diminishing (not that there were too many to begin with)...

    Then the other thoughts came in... hell so if I am going to be single anyways... might as well be hot, chic and single rather than looking like the lame lizard from the Gobi dessert!

    Now this is usually when my friends comes in and tells me off for being too fussy! Got to give people a chances... get into the game, change and educate them later... etc and etc... am sure some of you ladies have heard this one before!!!???
  15. Been there, done that, no way I would do it again. You cannot change a weak person into a strong one. At this stage in life, people don't really change. Plus I think it's unfair to the other person too if I don't love them for who/what they are and only get into the relationship with the thought of changing them.