Hermes Lovers on Instagram

  1. I stole this idea from the other designer forums.

    There are so many of us love to share the pictures of our goodies, I always indulge in these pictures and would love to follow the other lovely members on Instagram if you have one.

    Are we allowed to share our Instagram account here so that we can start following each other?
  2. My understanding is that the only way to promote your own is to include it in your signature. But Mod will chime in for sure.
  3. This thread is fine as a place to post your Instagram photos, and you can include your Instagram name. But please remember that buying/selling/trading are not permitted on PF.
  4. Great idea! I'm desperately trying to find more H fans on Instagram and I guess there's no better place to find them than here... anyway, my nickname is crackberrycream there... I also have the link in my sig. Posting mostly about food, fashion, a bit of H and other designers
  5. Thanks to Crackberrycream for contributing.

    That's exactly what I am hoping for, a centralized thread/place to house our Instagram pictures and to store our account names as a directory, so that we can look up other members and start following.

    Here is mine: fairy_piggie

    I don't have a lot of photos here but am planning to take more pictures and share with others.
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  6. I have been enjoying reading purse forum for a while. It is a great idea !

    My Instagram : magicalhambra

    My posts are mainly food and places.
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  7. I'm on Instragram, totally addicted to it & there's quite a few of us on there.
  8. Mine is lunahex26. I'm mostly a shoe-gal, but some of my H-lings have popped up on my page. :graucho:
  9. Many of us have been on IG for quite some time. It is absolutely addictive and very fun! Some have gone private due to privacy concerns but a fair share of us also remain public. Often hashtags like #hermes or #hermesbirkin, etc will show some pretty amazing phorography work!
  10. I always love seeing your photos, C! No one does colour like you do! You are so fearless!! :hugs:
  11. Mine usually Hermes stuffs, Holidays, my dogs and Toys.. :graucho:
    ID: Jammerau
    Hermes, shoes and toys :biggrin: