Hermes lovers favorite things?


Sep 15, 2007
I always find an instant connection with other hermes lovers. I think it would be interesting to post what else fellow hermes obsessed people are buying or admiring. What other things (jewelry, art, clothing designers, stationary, ... etc...) we find to be of equal quality, substance and obsesing over.:drool:

this is kind of reminisent of oprah's favorite things ....

I will start -

Valextra bags seem to have the same quality and substance as hermes bags. I have admired them over and over but have not bought one yet. I also cannot cook without my cutco knives. Hmmmm I will think of more but would love to hear what your favorite things are. I am also consistantly thinking about buccellati jewelry (and the frames are beautiful also)


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
Le Monde Hermes
Hmmm, I love books and good food. I love to cook and invested (I use that term loosely) on pots, pans, appliances, and a good set of knives. Interestingly, I'm not a fan of jewelry, but still managed to acquire a collection. I do love pearls, South Sea pearls!!!!


Fleur's Mom
Feb 9, 2007
the LTB
I love anything good quality cashmere (I order all of mine from ... also, anything from Frontgate (catalog) for the home. I love Tory Burch, Citizens of Humanity, Thread Social, Chloe. I do have a weakness for Tiffany jewelry although I know it's super played-out. I have collected it since I was a kid. Oh yeah, and diamonds... big diamonds!


Jul 25, 2007
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Since I am no where near an H boutique, my absolute favorite store to shop at is Trader Joe's where I can feel like a five star chef with the least amount of hassle! I love their frozen dinners, canned sauces (mojito simmer sauce being my favorite at the moment), delectable desserts, organic produce and dairy, trail mix snack bars, and body products (can't live w/o my Spearmint lip balm!).


Jun 9, 2006
What a great thread!! Here are some of my favs, not ultra pricey but my super finds
Armani exchange and banana republic jeans (they fit a girl with a booty--I can't fit 7s and the like)
Crisp white button down shirts from theory (and pick up a black and gray one too)
Short trench from Burberry
Chanel Reissue (c'mon, live a little!)
Rolex datejust
Diamond studs (one pair in platinum and one in yellow all know my matching "hardware" issues)
Black cashmere button down sweater
H&M Wrap dresses (they are like $35 dollars and look amazing. My odd little bod can't seem to fit the DVFs)
Black boot cut pants(don't laugh but the ones that I love are Limited wool from the travel collection, I also wear Ellie Tahari and Donna Karan)
Leather jackets of all kinds
Cropped sleeve jackets
bunches of layering camis and tanks can't have too many ..I love ankle boots and knee boots over ever style
Pointy toe pumps (I love Choos)

The above is my must have list besides H items.


Apr 28, 2006
I love bliss lemon sage soap.
I love la mer beauty products.
I love tods shoes and chie mihara shoes.
I love cashmere sweater, cashmere wraps. my favorite is the H cashmere hatscarf.
I love yummy food.
and I love kind, genuine, and funny people.
May 6, 2007
1)jewelry-special--i lean deco and i dont care who makes it and i love vintage diamonds and south sea pearls particularly keshis
2)great coats-fur and wool etc
3)beautiful carpets, lighting and mirrors--decorative arts
5)great mysteries


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
Le Monde Hermes
Ooooo, everyone has great ideas! I love great coats too, Hermesaholic.

Fesdu, I like funny people, too. The entire brood is a pack of pranksters. Like Rockerchic, I have a collection of tank tops in every color. And the reason you can't wear DVF wrap dresses is because you're so tiny!!! Ms. Jade, I haven't been to a Trader Joe's in ages, but put me in a gourmet grocery store and I go hog wild!!!!
Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Books, beauty and bath products, gourmet grocery stores, decorative arts, designer clothes (especially things like Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses and Chanel jackets-- timeless!), like Rockerchic and HG, tank tops in every color, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens... :graucho:


Keeper of the Flame
Dec 27, 2006
I like art.
I collect ukiyo-e, specifically Shunga. I also like Bijin pictures.
I also have a few vintage posters.
I would love to collect Pre-Raphaelite Art like Andrew Lloyd Webber but it's mega $$
Of course, Hermes scarves are works of art in their own right.

I like estate jewelry, specifically Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian periods.

I have extra wide feet so I dont have a shoe fetish since I cant wear fashionable shoes without a whole lotta pain.

Oh, I have a lot of books. Maybe about 10,000 of em. Mostly art and film books


Keeper of the Flame
Dec 27, 2006
Oh, and I am a big Bobbi Brown fanatic. Both her makeup line and skincare. Her whole entire philosophy seems to work for me and I have been using her stuff since she first started her line


Still Abby Fabby!!
Oct 21, 2006
Swimmin in a lil bowl
Hmmmm this thread made me pause. I've just recently been paring down my wardrobe and accessories to what I really like, and it turns out I gravitate to the same things... and have, for years!!

Lucky jeans (boutique line). I eBayed off every other brand.
Sheer, gauzy shirts. With cami's, of course!
Cashmere hoodies from Raw 7. Even the nerd-rock line.
Boots. With tall heels.
Manolo strappys.
Gator belts and accents
White metal jewelry; pressies from DH topping the list :heart:
Movie DVDs, I'm a ridiculous database for actors :shame:
Bobbi Brown make-up & skincare
OPI mauves, and Chanel reds! :graucho:
"Lucky", clover, and kelly green items... one parent is Irish!
Creamy gel or fountain pens & stationary
Spending time with my furbabies... lots of dogs!! :flowers: