Hermes lover - What is your take on Chanel price increase

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With Chanel prices increase, people will?

  1. Switch to Hermes

  2. Continue to buy Chanel

  1. With the new price increase from Chanel, do you think people might shift their interest into Hermes?
    Just my fear that some who can’t justify what they pay for a jumbo CF will turn their back and hunt for a Kelly or Birkin instead.

    IMO, Hermes leather speaks for itself and nothing that any other brands can compete (maybe except for Fendi Selleria peekaboo that I found it very close to clemence leather).

    Will B/K/C be even harder to get?

    Share your thoughts on this!
  2. If I were to spend 7000$ on a bag I would definitely chose Hermes (Lindy or Bolide). Birkins and Kellys are obviously in a different price range so no I don’t think there will be more competition there.
    Btw there is already a long thread about this on the Chanel forum if you’re curious to hear the opinions:smile:. A lot of members say they are switching to Hermes
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  3. I bought a jumbo CF a couple of years ago, and had a couple of other chanel bags but had not been too happy with quality for price. I swapped to Hermes about 6 months ago. I was intimidated going into hermes boutique for a long time, but I am now glad I did it... I have found myself a 100% hermes convert, I love their stuff..and the customer service is unparalleled in my experience. and there is not much motivation for LV/Chanel for me anymore due to that experience.
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  4. In euro, Kelly 28 and CF jumbo are about the same price!
  5. Yes but the thing about these bags is very rarely do you spend only that price to acquire them (welcome to the whole Hermes “game”).
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  6. Oh I didn’t know that! In that case I would definitely chose a Kelly if I was shopping in the EU. In the US Kellys and Birkin are above 10000 $
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  7. More on topic - I have completely stopped buying Chanel, because I don’t think their constant price increase makes any sense to me and I am a happy Hermes customer and I know there are people who left Chanel for the same reason and switched over. I do think even with the price increase H is more expensive though especially for the desirable bags. In parts of the world you are expected to spend 1:1 to get offered such bags (or even more in competitive markets). It’s great if you happen to love other Hermes stuff or if you don’t mind spending those money anyways but it’s definitely not for everyone...

    And also Hermes does price increases too. I think the problem with Chanel is that increasingly it’s not matched by actual quality whereas with Hermes at least the quality is definitely there (fingers crossed that it never ever changes).
  8. I made the switch 3 years ago as Chanel continues to hike their prices while their craftsmanship plummeted. Until they align quality with price point, or vice versa, no going back for me.
  9. I could have written this post! I had three Chanel bags and sold them within a year. They were beautifully designed, but the leather and construction was nothing like a Hermès bag. And they showed wear and tear quickly despite my barely even using them. I was not impressed with the quality vs. price and ended up buying some more LV empreinte bags.

    However, with the lockdown, I ended up selling almost all the bags In my closet (saved just one formal clutch). I converted to H this month with a bag bought online and went into a store for the first time on Friday for a second bag. It was nice to not have to deal with lines to get in a store.

    So yes, if other people are anything like myself and @corgimom11, do expect Chanel converts to come into Hermès.

    I’m not a B/K/C fan (at least not yet!), so I guess I will now worry about lines and the Bolides, Lindys, Double Sens and Evelynes being snatched up as others try to spend for a B/K/C. :sad:
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  10. I switched to hermes a few years ago because the quality of Chanel has gone down heaps and in my country SAs have a snobbish attitude. Eg when the Chanel mini was first released, I inspected 4-5 of them fresh and they all either have uneven flaps, twisted chains or some faults.
    Even in this environment I find the Hermes bags are practical and easy to use, I mean there’s really no need to do groceries with a Chanel CF.
    So overall I’m very happy and will continue buying Hermes
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  11. same thing happened to me. started seeing decline of quality- so made the switch about 2.5 yrs ago and never went back. still look at their shoes and enjoy the bags i have but prolly won't switch back. not worth the money.
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  12. I'm not a Chanel customer at all, for the brand isn't my style at all, from the jackets to the bags, not forgetting the jewelry.
    Will all Chanel fans systematically reach for Hermès instead ? I mean it's not only a question of price, these products are extremely different.
  13. Chanel and Hermes are such totally different brands I just don’t see customers jumping from one to another, it’s not a natural leap.
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  14. I have 4 Chanel Bags (M/L Classic Flap, Red Mini Caviar, Blue Mini Lamb & Pink Boy WOC caviar) & I feel my Chanel collection is pretty complete. Next on my Wishlist is a K25. So I yes, I will switch to H (even though I have this decided this before the price increase). For SLGs/shoes I will stick with Chanel though :smile:
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  15. I see that a lot have made the switch. I agree with Mrs.Z above though. the look is completely different so if you love the look of a Chanel flap, you can't really find that with Hermes. I have a couple of jumbo flaps, an evening bag, woc and a work tote. I don't feel the need for more Chanel.
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