Hermes London Sale

  1. I just got the card in the post today. The sale is 24 Jan to 26 Jan at the Music Room 26 South Molton Lane. The hours are 10AM - 7PM. Will anyone else be attending?
  2. i got the card too, unfortunately i'll be in helsinki! lucky i made the paris sale, i'd be really disappointed otherwise :lol:
  3. is the sale only for invitees?? is it not open for public?? =(
  4. I cant go alo6, but I so wish I could :crybaby:
  5. Is it for invitees only? I would dearly love to go.
  6. i would love go too but dont have an invite! boo hoo...:sad:
  7. I'm considering coming down for this :supacool: No card for me either (not yet, anyway) but I don't think these things are by invitation only, are they?
  8. It sucks to have to work. Except it helps with the bill-paying...

    Arrgh what a waste to not use the Brit pport...grrr

    If someone goes and see's les triples and la tour eiffel s'envole (scarves) PLEASE PM me?!
  9. i don't think so.. you can have mine if it is :lol: but it says it's only rtw, shoes and tableware so i'm not sure i'd make a special trip :s
  10. Really? I won't bother then :lol: Especially as I think it would coincide with Mr L going away anyway.
  11. well, that's what it says.. you should've come to paris with me :p :whistle:
  12. Paris sounded brutal :upsidedown:
  13. maybe a tad :upsidedown:

    for someone of such advanced years :p

  14. Ooooohhhh, that sounds deliciously vicious! You really know how to spice up a sale
  15. Does anyone have a card to spare and wouldn't mind letting me have it? I'd like to go and have a look around, but wouldn't want to make the trip to be refused at the door. Most grateful for any generous H lovers!