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It was closed... :crybaby:I just passed the Hermès boutique and I saw three beautiful kellys, a red one, a blue jean one and a white one, I´m not sure but I think that the blue and the white are box, and the red is togo, not sure either, but I guess they are all size 32...
Anyone who is interested, just ask me the store phone number, and I also can give you the store manager name!
I went to the Lisbon store today while on holiday (beautiful city) and had a pleasant experience.

There were two SAs on the floor. One let us in and greeted us and then went off to the till to do things. That didn't bother me as I like to have some time to look around and see if anything calls to me first. The other was already assisting customers with shoes.

After checking out the displays (very little in the way of bags and sandals) and a quick test of Violette Volynka (a light powdery scent, will buy from my home store) I asked about twillies. The SA got out the tray with about 10 twillies on. He said they are low in stock as they tend to get the autumn/winter pieces in later than other places given that they have better weather for a bit longer. I chose Sur Mon Nuage in the apricot colourway to remind me of my adventuring in Portugal. I wanted the rosette twilly charm too but they had none.

I then asked about the leather braided bracelets, particularly roulis, as my home store had none in my size last month. He had black and Rose Mexico, and I chose the latter. The metal is rose gold and it's just stunning.

By now I'd been able to strike up a bit more conversation and found the SA to be a little cool but friendly enough. I think it helped that I referenced other Hermès items I own and asked for specific product types. He made sure I knew how the tax refund worked and popped some perfume samples in my bag.

Overall I enjoyed my visit and would say it's always fun to pop in while travelling - you never know what might jump out at you differently when in holiday mode. Interestingly my boyfriend found it the least enjoyable experience of our shopping in Lisbon, but then the SA in Louis Vuitton was chatting him up a bit so no wonder he liked that the best!
Hi! I was told the tax refund in Hermes in Lisbon is 12% for purchases under 10K euros and 15% for purchases over 10K euros. Are you able to confirm this information for me please?? Thank you in advance
I bought in Hermes madrid last year and I got 15% tax free. I think it vary by country. I have made purchases in Lisbon before and I got 15% tax free. But I was told the tax free in Hermes Lisbon works different. The only country I heard it is always 12% is in France.
The Hermes refund in France is only 10% it's 12% at other stores.
I think this is right^ , but if someone has different info, pls correct

There was very little RTW in H Lisbon, but staff seemed very nice
VERY little. And they literally had 4 jewelry items last time I was there. That included watches and men’s. But yes, one of the loveliest staff
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