Hermes-like Italian brand?

  1. Okay ladies... please don't flame me for comparing Hermes to another brand, but this statement isn't from me!

    DH and I had dinner with his boss and his boss' wife last week, since we are traveling to Italy soon and the boss and his wife LOVE going to Italy. They were really sweet and wanted to give us advice about our planning. Anyway, boss' wife doesn't really know I'm into handbags, but ironically she said that she picked up a really nice leather handbag the last time they were in Rome. I think she said the brand was Francesco/a - something, she bought it from a shop on/near the Spanish steps (not from the brand's shop, but from a boutique that carries many brands), and "it was really nice leather, just like Hermes, but more like $250 rather than $1500". :wtf: I don't know where you can get Hermes for $1500, but I do want to believe her when she said she got a nice purse. :p

    So, I'm just wondering, does that Francesco or Francesca - something brand sound familiar to anybody? TIA!
  2. Yep, I'd put my money on it being Francesco Biasia. Great bags, especially for the price. Not sure I've ever seen anything that comes close to Hermes in design though. I'd be interested to know what she had in mind.
  3. Yeah, me too. Francesco Biasia bags are nice, allright, but not that nice! :smile:
  4. If it is Francesco Biasia, then you can get it in the States. A lot of department stores carry it. Um, they are not Hermes-like in any way, so don't get your hopes up!
  5. The brand you might be thinking of is Pierotucci.
  6. I agree, and you can definitely find them cheaper than what she quoted. They always seem to be on sale. They are great bags!
  7. This is the first time I hear about Pierotucci, but I have to say that some of their bags seem rather Hermes inspired (lookwise anyway).

    What's the quality like?
  8. Not sure about Pierotucci quality but I recall one tPF'er had one or more of their bags (Foxmonkey?) and really liked it.
  9. ^^^ Yes, it was Foxmonkey. She got one of the Hermes-style bags. I recall she posted pics of it. She said the quality and service were excellent.
  10. I have three now! :yes: I'm about to order a fourth. :shame:
  11. WOW! NICE BAGS! Leather lined for THOSE PRICES?? Hmmm........ :graucho:
  12. foxmonkey, what sizes and colors? Please post pics when you have a chance. I live vicariously through you :love:. Can't afford them right now...