Hermes' "like" bag

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  1. I would LOVE to have an authentic Hermes' Birkin but it's out of my reach financially. I love the style most of all.
    Is there a similar style bag available that is more affordable?
  2. the Mulberry Bayswater is a nice choice. very birkin-esque, but still distinctively Mulberry.
  3. Yep, the Baywater was going to be my rec as well. Similar style but not a blatant copy.
  4. I concur. ^^

    But I have found that I've spent WAY more money on bags trying to be "happy" with them when if I'd just saved longer and bought what I really wanted in the first place, I would have saved a lot of $$. Now I know...and I still have those other bags, some quite expensive, sitting in my closet to remind me how many H bags I could have had by now if I hadn't kept trying to find the "right" alternative.

    Good luck!
  5. I think Furla has a new bag out this season that looks very similar around $500-$600.
  6. ^ I agree with the previous posts, Mulberry Bayswater is the best. They also have a few of the styles on sale at them moment in England, not sure about US.
  7. Gucci has some vintage bags like birkin. They are afforable.

  8. I agree.. I have many ways of rationalizing the price of a Birkin, like telling myself a Birkin= 3 Chanel bags. :P And now, I would rather save for awhile and buy that one special bag maybe once a year or so than spending it on a bunch of less expensive bags.
  9. Bayswater, definitely, if you can afford it. I'm not sure what kind of price point you were thinking of--my definition of "affordable" is currently a LOT lower than it was a couple years ago when I bought the damn thing! :whiteflag:
    Here's what mine looked like when I bought it (yeah, well, the dog thinks it's a cuddle toy, so it has a few scratches now!)--it's a tooled Bayswater, so not all of them have all the foofoo extra decorations:
  10. That's a beautiful bag, Rosetta Stone. . Are there different sizes of the Mulberry bag?
  11. Definitely Bayswater!
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    Thank you! As far as I know, the Bayswater only is one size--there's a larger twin of it called a Picadilly that's marketed to men, and a smaller (more purse-ish) called the Ledbury. Here's the Net-a-Porter listing for the Bayswater:

    The thing wears like iron--I will be genuinely shocked if it ever wears out or starts to look ratty-tatty. Well. Assuming I can keep it away from my dog. :P
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  14. the ysl muse ii is also a bit like a hermes bag
  15. What sort of style do you want, something to carry on the arm or over the shoulder/how much storage space do you need?

    I do really love the Bayswater East-West (I love it in Chocolate!) as it will fit a fair amount, but can be carried over the shoulder.

    heartheart has reminded me that the YSL muse two is very similar (in my opinion) to Hermes, just much slouchier, pic attached:


    And it's totally true what bisousx says about saving for 'the one' if you really know you want it in the future...very difficult to wait for, if you can't you could get a similar style now, and then sell it on to fund the future purchase. It depends how good you are at pacing yourself!