Hermes Leather Swatch Book Where to Find it

  1. Hi, everyone! We have seen many pictures of different leathers and colors from all the great members in this forum. Now that I have started to make choices about colors and leathers, I would like to see them in person! Does anyone have a suggestion of an H store (please US only) that would be a place to see the best color and leather book? If this thread has already been done I apologize!
  2. hey, any H store should have the leather book to look at when you visit!
  3. Yes Guccigal07. When I was at KOP they had a book but it was very limited in colors and leathers. Are all like this or is there another place that would have a larger book of colors and leathers? Just wondering...
  4. New York would have a more comprehensive one. The reason some stores don't have as complete a book is because with so many changes to leather type and color, it can be difficult to stay on top of the changes.
  5. If you are a "stranger" in SF, the SA may tell you the book does not exist/is not available for review... Opportunity to view also seems to vary from store to store...
  6. Julide, some stores often update their leather books by removing swatches of leathers/colors no longer available so you won't come across one that will necessarily show all skins/colors ever produced. Some stores are better than others in updating their books.
  7. Thank you all for your sage advice. I will try New York will be there in Nov? or Dec? Can you walk in and ask to peruse their leather book? without looking nuts?
  8. When you go into the Madison store, turn left right after you enter. You will see a small table against the wall on the left by the corner. You should see a red leather binder. That's the leater book. They usually leave it out for customers to view.
  9. Man, at my store you have to BEG to see it, and even then they carry on like it's the crown jewels...
  10. More than one occasion the SF store looked at me like I had a third head growing from my neck.
    They uh had no recollection of a leather book.
    SF store my as*!!!
  11. ^lmao....
  12. The first time my SA offered me a viewing of the Leather Book, she disappeared for a few minutes and I could hear whispering, and then another SA (apparently the designated Keeper of the Book) brought it out. I swore I heard trumpets and fanfare in the distance, marking the occasion.

    The second time, I was lead over to the Ready To Wear section, near the dressing room, and was allowed to view the book there, out of eye-shot of any other customers, sort of top-secret-like.

    I have yet to figure out why this book is so important.
  13. :yes:
  14. :roflmfao:

    it's so funny because it's TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  15. ^^LOL! It's pretty much the same in my part of Alaska too. Ushered into some private-ish space to view it then after I'm done, it's swooped up and promptly disappears back onto, I'm sure a throne, in the back room. Tra-la-la!