Hermes leather runway hat

  1. What do you guys think of the Fall/Winter 2007 black deerskin cap that was all over the runway and the print ads. I believe it also comes in croc. The leather version is $610. I know that is a lot for a hat but I'm thinking about getting it. I collect hats and already have a bunch of Chanels and Burberry and Eugenia Kim hats in my collection. I would love an Hermes hat (also a Balenciaga hat). Has anyone on the forum bought or tried on this hat? I live in Baltimore so I can't try it on in person so I was curious if its as fabulous in person as it appears on the runway? Thanks!
  2. I am a hat fan
    do you have a photo

    I for one would love the muff out for this winter
    be great to keep my hands warm whilst waiting in the freezing cold station waiting room for london train
  3. lisadoodle, do you ever get to Tysons? Not too terribly far from you, and I would bet that the boutique there might have one.
    I haven't seen it yet in person--or rather, I haven't made a point to check it out.
  4. that is actually not a bad price for a leather hat from hermes. i think i know the one you are talking about. cute!
  5. Is this the hat you are talking about?

    Backstage @ Hermes F/W '07/08

    79267_bs_her039_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_482lo.jpg 79471_bs_her044_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_487lo.jpg 79864_bs_her062_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_374lo.jpg 80345_bs_her090_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_554lo.jpg

    And as seen on VB


    I am a HUGE fan of hats but some reason this one does nothing for me (if that's the one you mean).
  6. I love the one on VB!:drool: Not in love with the croc one, too stiff...
    Thanks H_addict!!!:heart:
  7. I like the hats shown above very chic.
  8. I want one
    am going to hermes tommorow via christies south kensington
    hope to find if they have them in

    Has anyone seen the Muff its really cute

    thanks for the pics
    I think the model fourth thumbnail ,and the one on the left looks fantastic
    ( anyone got phone numbers of plastic surgeons?? )
  9. Thanks for the pics and opinions. i called tysons and they don't carry it- i think im gonna go for it and get it from new york today. that way i get a nice orange box in a few days waiting for me after work :smile:
  10. Lisa, if the hat from NY is called the Praline cap, it's not the one from the runway, just in case you were wondering. Madison doesn't carry the hats from the runway.
  11. oh thanks gina_b- yes its the praline cap- i know its slightly different from the runway cap but i had the madison store fax me a picture and it looks very similar. i guess only vicotoria beckham gets the real thing :smile:
  12. I think the one VB has is from a previous season. The hats at the runway show were actually very similar (if not the same) as ones that H has previously made.

    BTW, congrats on the Praline cap - it's adorable on! What color did you get?
  13. Yes, and sssooooo soft!!!!!
  14. Okay,.. So mind telling me who does? :graucho:
  15. I love that hat. VB manages to carry it off effortlessly.