Hermes Leather Gloves

  1. This is a stupid question but I need to know anyway. Are Hermes leather gloves warm? My hands are always cold and this winter had been pretty brutal for California. I'm seriously contemplating getting gloves ...
  2. Kou, it depends. I have two pairs; one is lined and one is unlined. The unlined ones look pretty but don't do a good job of keeping my hands warm. The other pair is lined with this nylon-like material and does a nice job of keeping my hands toasty, and I live in a colder climate than Southern California. I tried on a pair of cashmere-lined ones but my hands got super-warm quick so I decided to go with the other material.
  3. I bought a pair of cashmere lined ones and I still haven't used them. They are so beautiful and the leather so soft. I bought them just because I wanted to have a pair of H gloves.
  4. I bought the unlined ones in Rouge H and I love them. Now granted it doesn't really get that cold where I live so it does a pretty good job keeping my hands toasty.........
  5. try them out first. initially i wanted a pair but found my hands too small for the gloves. but i can't remember if i tried unlined or nylon lined.
  6. Love my gloves with the fur trim. Had to have them. Brought my DH to the store after a nice dinner/wine and he loved them too. Have kept may hands and heart warm in this interesting SoCal weather. AND with the leather I can drive too.
  7. Thank you ladies for all your helpful advice! I think if there's an accessory that I can really use, it'll have to be gloves. Anyways, I'm going to go in and try out the gloves next time.

    Do you ladies have a particular style that you recommend?
  8. they have so many styles to choose from... just work w/ your SA to find one (or two) perfect for your need/lifestyle. the price varies depending on design, materials etc but i do believe they start at roughly $200-300.
  9. That's pretty reasonable for Hermes ... Probably a good idea to go with the staple colors like black, right? I can't imagine getting pink gloves (don't even think they make them in pink anyway).
  10. Kou, I found that the unlined ones were a lot more snug than the lined ones oddly enough. And at one point they did have fuschia gloves with the bolduc pattern at the wrists.
  11. i did see "rose" mentioned in one of the leather color descriptions
  12. I have several pairs of their gloves (2 short, 1 opera length), yet all of mine so far are unlined. Of course they are not warm enough for a Chicago winter, but sufficient for slightly cool weather. I bought mine a year or two ago and seem to remember that they were more than $200-$300, but I may be off on this....
    I am very interested in buying a new pair that are lined. I am so happy to hear nice words regarding the fur-lined ones. I was debating between those and the cashmere ones......So any further input, esp. from those in cold climates would be quite welcome. Thank you all for your help!!
  13. ^ oh i saw those... they're B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!:love: but then again, i'm a sucker for any kind of luxurious leather... regular, exotic, etc... poor animals - nothing's safe from me... j.k.!

    but unlike orchids, i found the lined ones to fit more snug than the unlined...:shrugs:
  14. ^^Thanks:smile: !! They are a little dramatic, but I love them. I also have the ones with collier de chien clasp, so I guess that I am into dramatic gloves. Besides, when it gets COLD here, I just have to wear big ole Patagonia ones, anyway, so I enjoy fun gloves whenI can!!
    I completely agree that they are snug, but that can help with the warmth factor, at least I think it does and makes them easy to wear when driving and general wearability for me. I did get one pair on sale and I think that is a great way to go, if you can find your size.
  15. ^ Oh no, I have absolutely no luck whatsoever w/ sales. When you're my size, you're lucky if anything fits!

    And I did see the one w/ the clasp.. lucious! Even my SA commented that Hermes makes very love gloves.