Hermes Leather Gloves (cont)

  1. Now, I'm blaming this entirely on Kou (j.k). But her thread had me thinking (lol - like I need another excuse to go back to the boutique).

    I have two questions regarding these gorgeous gloves:
    (And pardon me if they sound silly)

    • Are the cashmere lined gloves more snug than the unlined versions?
    • Are these gloves tough enough for everyday wear? Mind you, it's not like I'm in the construction business but I do wear them quite frequently.
  2. hermes, I have only one pair of the leather gloves and they are in Rouge H with the little Kelly lock on the wrist. Beautiful gloves, made of lambskin. I keep them in my glovebox of my car and wear them on cold mornings, but, found that leaving them there....they were COLD when I put them on, which defeated the purpose.

    The lambskin picks up on temperatures.....and WILL warm up on the hand, however.

    Another thing, they will stain....unfortunately I spilled some tea on one of my did stain, but, being the skin was dark to start with, you would never notice it now. I would buy dark lambskin gloves, rather than lighter colors for this reason...I feel the light colors would show everything.....just a thought.

    Yes, they are tough enough for everyday wear out to work or while you're driving.....light shopping....there is a thin lining inside.

    Bottom line, they are beautiful, luxurious, well made, all the things you expect from Hermes craftsmanship including quite expensive. I paid retail of over $700+ for mine 2 years ago. If I were buying again, I would try a reputable eBay seller first.....I'm usually not picky about Hermes prices but, for some reason, I am about the prices of their lambskin gloves. I feel the prices a little high.....probably because they can so easily get stained.