Hermès leather care instructions

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  1. I've just found inside the pocket of my new Birkin the leather care leaflet, so I thought that it could be of interest to those who don't have one! Here goes:

    "Hermès leather

    A living material , leather evolves, becomes supple and acquires a patina over time with careful use. Regardless of the colour and finish of each leather, Hermès standards require the natural features of the leather- fine lines, veins and pores- to show through. This is known as "transparency". The more "transparent" a leather is, the more it improves with time.
    Leather can, however, be irreparably damaged by:
    - prolonged sun exposure, which will alter the colour;
    - alcohol (perfumes), oily products (lipstick), ink (felt and ball point) which will leave permanent marks;
    - water, which will leave opaque traces and sometimes even blisters which are very difficult to tone down.
    Each leather is the result of specific procedures and each article is crafted in a unique way. There are no global products. The best way to care for your leather accessories and articles is to wipe them with a soft, fluff-free cotton cloth, store them flat - in their felt bag if possible - away from light and heat when they are not being used and regularly entrust them to the care of our artisans for deep cleaning and repair."

  2. :winkiss: THANKS!
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