Hermes Le Monde Books!

  1. Hello crazy chiquitas!

    I'm sorry I havn't been on much lately, but I'm swamped!!! Between work, my kids my sister and her kid (he's 1) I don't have a life anymore!!! :crybaby: I've been helping her take care of her little one and gosh I forgot how much work it is!!

    Anywhoo! I have recieved 4 Le Monde books through the mail (I dunno how this happened :shrugs: ) and I only need one, and I'm not going to be one of those people who puts them on ebay for 10 bucks!

    So I decided to give them up to the girls here who REALLY NEEDS THEM.

    So the first 3 girls who PM's me gets a book! Please if you want these books to sell them don't ask for them. Some girls here can't get their hands on these so leave it for them.
  2. That's very thoughtful of you Bagg...

  3. I still haven't received mine in the mail but picked one up at the store.

    Bagg, you are such a sweetheart! That is so wonderful of you. I know the lucky 3 ppl will cherish it very much:smile:)
  4. Thanks, I know that some girls don't live anywhere near a Hermes store and can't get their hands on these so I can't just throw these away! The Hermes Gods will cme and get me!! :wondering
  5. Baggs you are very kind!

    I miss you on the boards by the way.
  6. Aww, thanks! As of today I'm officially back!!!
  7. Thanks Baggaholic.
  8. Finally!! I forgot to say WELCOME BACK!!:yahoo:
  9. Bagg.....nice to see you back, Girl! Missed you!!!!!
  10. Missed you too, life is hectic!!! :rolleyes:
  11. Welcome back Baggs--we missed you!
  12. Wellcome back, hope you are well, wishing you all the best!:cutesy: :welcome:
  13. Bagg.....does this mean you haven't even been (gasp) SHOPPING either??????
  14. Baggaholic, your generous spirit is much appreciated by all :smile:
  15. Nope, :crybaby: But I'm sure to make up for that today! :nuts: