Hermes Las Vegas?

  1. At the end of this month, DH, DD, and I will be going to the States... to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to be exact. Am planning to drop by the Hermes stores :graucho: of course! I haven't been to the States for 2 yrs! The last time was when DD was only 6 months old, and DH let me have a shopping trip with my mom to New York for a week.

    Am very excited, and definitely looking forward to checking out the Hermes store in LA and Vegas. But since this is going to be my first time dropping by the Hermes store in LA and Vegas in a very very long time, am a bit nervous :sweatdrop:. As usual, whenever I go on trips, I will try to see if I'd be lucky enough to get a Birkin!! :rolleyes::angel:
    Anybody here from LA or Vegas has any recommendations... any particular SA I should be approaching? :sos: Has anybody gotten a Birkin in LA or Las Vegas? My common sense tell me that chances are LA would be pretty impossible as there's just so many celebrities, and we all know they do get their birkins!!
    Thanks beforehand for the help!
  2. PMed you.
  3. They had a couple kellys out when I was there and I spoke to them about a Lindy and they shipped it to me shortly after
  4. I was at the Hermes store on Rodeo Drive a week ago and there was only one other person there. I THINK I saw some Birkin Bags, but I'm not totally positive.

    I just called the Rodeo store and they wouldn't tell me what they have in stock, but the South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa) store is out of stock on Birkin & Kelly bags. Here's the contact information for the Rodeo Store:

    434 North Rodeo Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Tel. + 1 310 278 6440
    Fax + 1 310 278 9174

    Maybe you can get more information from them. Maybe you can ask to speak to the manager. Hope this helps.
  5. I just got back from vegas yesterday, and I did drop by the Hermes store there. I cannot remember the name of the SA who helped me, but all they SAs seemed very nice. I saw 1 or 2 kelleys while I was there, but I didn't see or ask to see any birkins. I didn't really look around, I went there on a mission to buy a clutch and ended up getting side tracked with scarfs.
  6. My girlfriend just got back from Las Vegas a couple of days ago. Even though she is not a H fan, I insisted that she take a picture of the display windows... this is what she sent me...

    I've never seen the modified Garden party... have you?
    IMG_0115.jpg IMG_0117.jpg IMG_0118.jpg
  7. One more picture... of the lovely Toyko scarf...
  8. Thanks for the pics, Birkin123. I :love: those gold flats!!
  9. LadyDior, PennyD, ReneH, and Birkin 123, thanks so much for your help!! And thanks for the info! Really appreciate it! Looking at the pics makes me so much more excited about going to the States soon, Birkin123!! I think my 3 yrs old DD would be thrilled :yahoo:to see all the lights and all the attractions!!

    Sounds like the Hermes at Rodeo would be my first stop :p!! I hope it'll be just as empty when I get there as when you were there LD!! Do they have Hermes at stores like Neimann or Saks? Perhaps I should try there too :graucho:?

    Will try to call the Rodeo store to see if they can reserve a Birkin for me if they indeed have one (oh my gawd, what's the chance of thaaat???). But nothing to loose right, gotta do what one's got to do...:lol:
  10. Neimans and Saks in LA only sell Hermes ties or porcelain at the most, no bags. Honestly, your best bet is to go the store (BH and SCP) as neither store will reserve Birkins over the phone for someone who is not a regular.

    I'll PM you with some recommendations.
  11. Hi Amkur, thanks for the info!! Yes, I will visit the BH store for sure, but maybe not SCP because it's a bit far and I've got my DD travelling with me as well so we'll just stay around BH area as we're only going to be in LA for 4 days.
    Pls do PM me your recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate that!
  12. Good luck and happy travels, WB?

    (do you need a bagsitter at home while you are gone????)
  13. i have heard las vegas is a good place to find a birkin on the floor, if not u can always hop over to Hawaii where many of our members have had lots of luck :graucho: have a really good time! and take pics to show us please when u get back!
  14. Hahahahaha:lol::lol::lol:, thanks CobaltBlu! For you, if you want to ever become my bagsitter, you're always welcomed!
    HauteCouturess: yes, will keep you all posted on my H experiences in the States!!

  15. i got my birkin at the redeo drive hermes so it is easier to get. vegas sa told me it was only for vip and if i spend enough money i caould maybe get on the waitting list and i decide i didnt want to. la imo is easlier to get but i felt that the sa was alot nicer at Vegas.... but there's a trick to getting a birkin .:roflmfao: