Hermes Las Vegas...and John!

  1. just called the Las Vegas Hermes because I was in a little twirl about my trip coming up and the fact that Hermes the world over seems to be closed on Sunday's...

    THE nicest man by the name of John answered the phone and couldn't be more helpful and FUN ! Seems like this is the ONE Hermes store on the planet that is not only open on Sundays but is open 7-days a week....until MIDNIGHT!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Holy Mother of's non-stop shopping for Shopmom!

    ....i'd better get a list going.......:girlsigh:
  2. Midnight?????? :yahoo: :party: Oh how fun! I am so super happy that you found a fun SA there. I cannot wait to hear about this trip!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    DH just said "midnight??? I wanna go to Vegas lets go to Vegas!!!!" LOL :smile:
  3. lol - yes, they're incedibly sweet over the phone! in fact the last time i ranged them up, they were giving tips about the "list", etc. too funny. have a blast & remember to leave some bags for us, especially the crocs! p.s. also drink lots of water - it might be sweltering...
  4. Yipeee!!!!!
  5. Yes, they do close late, imagine,.. buying a Birkin or Kelly at midnight while your drunk. [​IMG]
  6. Sounds like the perfect evening!!:graucho: :graucho:
  7. Yep....I think I'll just stroll in there at around 11:30 pm with a big, old, fat Martini in my hand.....heeheehee.

    BTW, I'll have my DD (who has been on my last nerve these past few days....just imagine....she had to use the bathroom while I was sick!) and her best friend along for the ride. Hopefully, I don't have to drag them everywhere I go....maybe I'll just plock them at the pool with some cash for umbrella drinks (the non-alcoholic kind) and a bottle of Bain de Soleil....that aught to keep them happy for a few hours!)
  8. Yeah, all those stores in the Bellagio are open until midnight. I think its like in most part of Vegas. That's for the high rollers who win big late at night and want to blow it on designer goods.
  9. I think the Waikiki store was open 'til 11 pm :wtf::heart:
    which I found rather shocking and thrilling. I had already memorized every lovely thing there so I didn't go back late at night. But it was nice to think I could.
  10. MIDNIGHT?! OK, I need to go to the Las Vegas store now.
  11. DH is having me look for flights to Vegas next month. :lol: You just have to love all the shopping there...we don't even gamble. :wlae:
    D, sending you good vibes that you find the perfect Plume! :flowers:
  12. Heather! If you really are going....check out the Bellagio web-site and go under "Special Offers" or something like that on the side bar. A calendar will pop up with "grey" dates on them. These are the dates where they offer special room rates. If you can...try to book your trip around staying at the Bellagio for an incredible, lush experience!!!!
  13. Open until midnight? Fantastic! I'm going to Vegas on September 15th. I can't wait to check out this Hermes and see where my beautiful Kelly came from!
  14. Have a great Trip and be Safe, buy alot of bags!!!!! I'm there is October and I can't wait. I am going shoe shopping when I get there.:flowers:
  15. Shopmom...when are you visiting Vegas?