Hermes Large Birkin VS LV Mirroir Keepall

  1. Hello ladies,

    I have been going to Hermes store nationwide (LA,LV,OC..etc..I fly for a living..) I have been extremely fascinated and ready to buy a Birkin. I saw one in Honolulu, last December..the Travel Birkin in Black..i think its the largest one and cost approximately $8K. I ALMOST purchased it..thought about it..and decided to get it mainland US. As soon as I get into the plane..i regret not buying it:crybaby: i knew i wouldnt see it in a long time. Even the 35cm would be best too. on a hunt for a Birkin. I spoke and started to have some rapport with the SA in Vegas..Larissa and LA Noriko and Camilla. In hopes to get a birkin list someday. I saw a Frontiere Travel Bag in July Issue of Vogue, looks like a cost $8k as well..I want to that too..either birkin or settle for frontier..but theres another bag in mind as well..the LV mirror Keepall.

    Should I patiently wait and get the bag of my desire or put my name on the new Louis Vuitton LV Mirroir Keepall which cost approx $3k:graucho: and forget about getting the Hermes Birkin.

    Anyway..Thanks for your input.

    PS..Im a guy and loves collecting bags. I think 35cm Birkin is better for me to carry...opinions please. Which size I should 35cm good for me? Im short too 5'4.

  2. hmm..if you want a "travel" birkin..there is one in orange county on jean I think 45cm.
  3. WOW..Thanks...I think Im going to chk it out. trying to get the phone# on the web.

    Thanks again.
  4. If you go with a birkin definitely go for the 35 being that you are a male and 5'4". I actually think that would be a great carry all size for you. (or the 40 if you feel better with that size)

    Also, if you spend some free time on here and make some contacts...I feel with your ability to fly somewhere quickly you can find a bag you really love. I would believe you could get a nice SA on the phone after a tip from a member and possibly pick the bag up once it is on hold. Stranger things have happened here on the board. Don't be so quick to buy something before you have invested a bit of time to purchase what you would really love and use.

    Good Luck
  5. LOVE a large Kelly on a man! I think I posted a pic but now can't remember what thread that was!

    I think you could pull off a large Birkin too and personally? I'd wait to get the Birkin instead of the LV....more staying power, better construction and just a more FABBY look! IMO.....don't strangle me please!!!!! I still need to buy more Hermes!!!!
  6. Thanks..I SAW the large chocolate Kelly at my Las Vegas layover 2 months ago..I WAS hypnotised!!!! I want to buy it but I brought my Discover card and its the ONLY card they DO NOT take:crybaby: ..I guess its not meant to be. I was very sad.

    So next time Im at any Hermes location..I make sure I bring my Amex or Visa.

    Darn! :hysteric:

    PS..youre right about LV..Hermes birkin is worth a wait.
  7. Do you fly into NYC? They have at least a dozen travel bags on the floor at any given time. Getting a travel Birkin will not be a problem for you there.
  8. I agree with HG that getting a travel Birkin seems to be easier. I've seen at least one in many stores that I've visited.

    I would definitely recommend a travel Birkin for a man instead of the LV Mirroir Keepall.
  9. If I were you, I wouldn't settle for a frontiere....or even the Mirior Keepall *which I have a burning desire for* since they just won't do it for you...

    I'd wait around for a nice Travel Birkin to show up...or have you thought about a Haut a Courries bag? They are a little more masculine *IMO* and with the shorter handles and longer body remind me of a more travel look..

    eBay: Hermes Haut A Crourrie 32 Togo Birkin Authentic (item 6889004598 end time Sep-02-06 06:26:30 PDT)

    eBay: HERMES HAUT A COURROIE BIRKIN BLACK/PALLADIUM (item 103000364511 end time Aug-16-06 07:38:25 PDT)
  10. ^^ Agree! Welcome to our happy Hermes home!
  11. luvurbag, I remember reading an article about Roger Lederer, a Swiss tennis player and there was a photo of him carrying a Birkin 45. It looked great on him.
  12. ^This EXACT bag is available in the Sydney Boutique.
  13. Go GET IT, LUVURBAG!!!! Now THIS is one chic bag! I'd go for it......and BTW, that 35cm Black Togo HAC being sold by sandiaexchange is an EXCELLENT buy for a gorgeous bag!!!!!
  14. You are amazing in how you found this photo! I didn't know that a man can look hot carrying a Birkin (ick, I sound like Paris, don't I :throwup: )?

    What is the leather on this bag -- can anybody guess?