Hermes large Birkin or Kelly in Selfridges London

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  1. Hi, I am new here although i have always loved birkins much as every body whom has an interest in fashion does. Last week i was in Selfridges in london looking at the H belts, while trying some on i saw a large bag, i was not sure if it was a kelly or a birkin as in large sizes like this the style for me was not as easy to tell.
    They had 2 of them on high shelves one was i think togo leather and the other was ostrich (this week i have been reading alot on this forum and getting to know the leathers and styles better!) however i did not ask at the time what the bag was called or the price of them.
    This week i cannot stop thinking about the bags. I feel that it would make such a good traveling bag and it was huge and after reading the mens with birking thread i really need this bag more! What is the larges size kelly or birkin? and also what price range are we looking at for these sizes? i have been though the referance thread but most of it is about the smaller sizes.
    Also one last thing does Hermes have sales? I know Louis Vuitton does not but do the boutiques or concessions take part in sales in london? Thanks for your time and any info you could pass on. :flowers:
  2. Well, i've just been offered a 55cm travel birkin in Clemence, and its around £5000, so that should answer the price issue. And AFAIK Hermes dosent have sales in their normal boutiques, but I remember reading about a clearance sale that happens in Paris every so many years.
  3. Thanks for the info helpmeplease, that must be what it was a travel birkin. Do you know if these come along often or are they quite rare? I like the fact that there are no sales in the boutiques that way you dont get the feeling in a few months you could of had a great saving! thanks for the reply
  4. I'm pretty sure they're not that hard (in Birkin terms) to get hold of, as they aren't the sizes that many people crave. And yeah, I think their bags practically never go on sale, so you never feel like you've spent too much (until you look at the receipt, and think about what else you could have spent that money on :p)
  5. Manchester boutique have had a travel Birkin (gold vache ligee, I think) for months now. Noone seems to want it but then it IS huge and pretty heavy.
  6. Thank you helpmeplease and loony, you have really helped me alot. I think if i was to get one it would have to be a dark colour as much as i would like an 'out there' colour i think for travel and my style would have to be a brown or dark grey colour.
    Do you know where i could find any pictures of the travel birkin?
    its nice to meet both of you and thank you both.
  7. Lol, thats still there? I saw it about three months ago.
  8. i saw them a few weeks ago too, they definitely weren't kellies but they could have been HACs. i think they were birkins though.
  9. Do you think a guy could use one of these? i wouldn't want it to look too feminine you see. I would love to use it for travel!
  10. definitely, they aren't pink or anything :lol: so they should be fine. i really like them but i'd need someone to carry them around for me if i ever actually wanted to put stuff in them.