Hermès lambskin apple holder - for real?

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  1. just found this on TheBagLady.tv...
  2. It's cute, but I have no idea of that is for real or not. I wonder if one of their workmen got really bored one day and said - "I think I'll make an apple holder".
  3. It's on the H website under travel the world of Hermes
  4. ^omg! Really? I have to check when I get home. That would be so perfect to put in lunches! LOL.
  5. I think it's really cute!
  6. I love it. wonder if it's still available.
  7. I can't help myself - I love it!

  8. haha you can see the reflection of the photographer's camera, lights and studio in the silver cap. Geeze you would think it would be photoshopped out. Well at least its not reflecto porn.

    I think its quite stupid imagine carrying it around you neck? I think its cool to put in an H museum but apart from that the craftsman should've spent the time making something sellable, then again in the eye of the beholder
  9. ^^^ My 4-year old DS H. enabler wants one!!! His future spouse will have me to thank for all the H gifts she'll get in the future from him. LOL

    I have to admit this is cute.
  10. What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Does it keep the apple more fresh or something? LOL!!
  11. It's just a clever way for one of their craftsmen to show their skills, I think it's incredibly clever
  12. I actually adore this little thing. I'm quite sure that I couldn't justify the expenditure for a purse to hold my apple (my husband has his limits of understanding), but it's a sweet piece of art.
  13. I would put coins in it, ROFL :tup:

    SO CUTE. They should make banana holders....

    or pickle holders? :biggrin:
  14. It's so cute. I think I'd use it as a bag though!
  15. But what if your apples were too big for that thing? :P If you had that apple holder, you would always have to buy apples in same size. :roflmfao: