Hermes Ladies ~ Which Kelly bag is this?

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  1. I'm sure you ladies can give me info in a nano second:


    ^^What model bag is this?
    Is it still made?
    What is the market value?

  2. BG, I can't see the photo---can you try reposting?
  3. ^^I can see the photo on my screen...? I'm confused...

    It's a tan bag with a fabric (linen?) panel on the front.
  4. i'm fairly certain it's a 40cm kelly in barenia and crinoline -- without a condition report it's hard to say what it's value is, but the 40cm kellys don't sell for a whole lot. i think CDL sold one on eBay for under 3k last year.

  5. ^^Yes that's it! Thank you for the information! :flowers:
  6. my pleasure -- but fair warning . . . it's on my watch list too! :graucho:
  7. Thats a beauty for sure......Barenia/Crin is a lovely combination!
  8. Well I didn't win this one. I do hope another PF'er got it though!! :flowers:

    (at least it was a charity auction!)