Hermes Ladies RTW Sales

  1. Hi Everyone:
    I need everyone's help. I was able to purchase the most beautiful silk shirt at the Fairfax Square store. It was 60% off, originally 2,000 what a bargain. It is so beautiful, loden green and navy blue with an Hermes pattern in it. Now I have just found out that there is a matching jacket in black and white plaid. The lining of the jacket is the same design as my blouse.
    So I must have the jacket. The jacket is from Fall Winter 2006, so I am trying to track it down through any Hermes sales that might be going on this month.
    Does anyone know of any rtw sales going on now and into February? I have the style number and will simply call the stores to see if they have it.
    Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
    Thanks so much for any help, it is appreciated.
    susan von
  2. your sales associate should be able to look in the computer and see if there is one available at another store.
    Hope you find it.
  3. Hi Golconda,
    thanks for the reply. I tried that already, but was told that since it is on sale, 60% off original price, and from F/W 2006, the information is taken out of their data base/inventory. Also, the 800 number was no help since they said they wont deal with rtw questions.
    So my last alternative was to post here. I dont mind calling the stores here in the US, it is just that I dont know which ones are having sales now or in the future. The Fairfax Square sale is over. They wont have another one until August of this year.
    Thanks again everyone for any help.
  4. Susanvon, SCP Hermes has their sale starting tomorrow (24th). Good luck.
  5. I got an invitation for Hawaii's RTW it says: February 3rd-5th CASH only.

    Good luck!

    By the way, it is the Ala Moana store. There's another store in Waikiki but I'm not sure when their sale is (I don't frequent that store). If you need the phone numbers shoot me a PM.
  6. ^"Cash only"; invites to sale at my store always say "credit cards only."
    Wonder why the difference ? More Hermes mystery....
  7. Lucabela,
    thanks so much, I will be calling them today.
    Wish me luck
  8. Hello Rileygirl,
    thanks so much, I will call them.
    By hook or by crook, I will find this jacket.
  9. susanvon, I am also from Hawaii and got the same invitation as Rileygirl. On the invitation it is as golconda says "credit cards only". Hope that helps!
  10. ^^^Disney is right...haha I am losing it...I just remember thinking what a funny thing to say and must have transposed it.