Hermes ladies, how do you clean your scarves?

  1. dry clean, I am so scared!! or hand wash, what about the wrinkles? help, my scarves have make up all over.:crybaby:
  2. yes, I'd like to know as well.
  3. Maybe you can call Hermes, and see if they have dry cleaners recommended where you live?
  4. Many here handwash with mild detergent in cold water.
    To get out the wrinkles you can place the scarf between two towels and iron.

    I spot clean certain stains with alcohol...

    What kind of makeup? The problem is that most makeup contains dye and home cleaning may not work...
  5. we need to talk about cleaning the 70cm vintage scarves..since they are different...
  6. good point, i'd like to know too
  7. is that because the color can run?
  8. please please elaborate on how they're different. i thought they just brought back the old size and patterns, but they're all new scarves.

    there are loads of threads about cleaning scarves. grands fonds has a lengthy one with details and pictures.
    i washed one a few months ago - no problem. i used gentle detergent in the sink. i wasn't particularly delicate with it, washed it up, blotted it dry (i rolled it in a towel but didn't twist and squeeze the towel). it was mostly dry when i laid it flat on a towel on the table and lightly spritzed a natural starch spray on it and then gently and quickly ironed all but the hems. i didn't have to roll those like GF recommended, they stayed fat and plump all by themselves.

    good luck

  9. They are silk twill, but the coating to finish is different. If anything, judging by the hand of the scarf, at some point the vintage silk scarves are washed at some point in the process to soften them.

    To me they feel like "washable silk".
  10. do you think you can still spot them with your rubbing alcohol...light soap method....

    dr. quinn...I think I am going to get help with spot cleaning what do you think?

    blot with rubbing alcohol....then blot with then....then rinse out...
  11. ^^^

    Would absolutley be fine. If the dye is going to run, it would be because the color didn't fix properly or because the water was too warm/hot.

    I don't wash my scarves because I like to keep the original folds, and because I hate water stains...but I do spot clean at home.
  12. I have not cleaned one yet! I'm about to ship all my scarfs to the Scarfologist!
  13. Dr. Quinn.....but do you dry clean them?

    I thought these might be use as the soap after the vinager...or the alcohol...

    do you just use cool water?

    I need to spot my omni bus vintage scarf. got a little make up on it.

    and i need to do a little more work on the mustang scarf I worked on with your help.
  14. I dry clean them as maintenance only...or if I am not sure where the stain came from.

    They're not in contact with my skin per se, so I don't worry about salt and sweat on an especially brutal hot yucky day, I would take them in to be cleaned. My DC is very good and worships my scarves...(i'm not kidding..they send me wine as a gift because of my taste in clothes)

    Always wash silk in cold water. There are times to use warm water on silk...but I would leave that to the pros.

    Not sure if the alcohol will work on makeup...but it won't hurt the scarf. For make-up stains...I would go to the DC, just because of the complex staining agents in makeup.

    If you want to try at home, treat it first with the detergent, then try the alcohol. Pretreating might help to remove the "oils" from the make-up...